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Smartphone and Apps: How they Changed Entertainment, Communication and Daily Tasks

The evolution and adoption of the smartphones followed an “s-shaped curve”. Initially, only a sizable number of people in the tech industry had an iPhone. However, almost everyone nowadays even in the not-so developed countries has a functional smartphone. Such a rapid adoption has seen significant changes in different sectors of the economy, including the mobile app industry.

Nowadays, mobile apps have become a norm. About 3 billion people from all over the world own a functional smartphone, and this has improved how people engage in various daily tasks from booking flights, ordering foods, to making transactions. Every average mobile individual uses at least a single app each day, and they have simplified our lives. Smartphones and apps have revolutionized numerous critical activities. Here is a brief overview of some of these areas.

  1. Communication

It is impossible to over-stress the role of smartphones and apps in communication. With the adoption of smartphones and mobile apps, how we communicate with one another has changed. It is now easier and more effective to communicate with individuals in different parts of the world. 

Compared to the case in the fifties, where communication was only by calling from work or home landlines and visiting one another, you can now use instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, emails, or text messages to communicate. Other communication platforms such as Hangouts, Skype, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have come up, taking the communication revolution a level higher. 

Additionally, in the modern mobile environment, different social media platforms and apps have integrated communication channels. With such advancement, entertainment applications such as Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok have become significant interaction points. 

  1. Entertainment 

Content consumption and gaming are the major areas revolutionized by technology, especially apps and smartphones. Initially, to participate in any gaming event, you needed a bulk dedicated hardware. However, today having a smartphone has become for you to participate in any form of gaming and content consumption. 

Smartphones and mobile apps have improved the gaming experience. Mobile apps will be especially useful if you are a casual gamer. There are numerous thought-provoking games that you can play comfortably on your mobile. The casino niche is quite adventurous for mobile gamers. Online casinos have diverse games that you can pick and play on the go. For instance, all you need is a smartphone to sign up at sites like kabaddibetting.live and play your favorite casino games  from live betting, sports, to live casino.

In terms of content consumption, smartphones and apps such as TikTok and YouTube have changed how you access various content. You will rarely need the traditional TV for news and entertainment provided you have a smartphone. You can access a variety of entertainment and informational content using your smartphone on apps such as Netflix and YouTube.

  1. Everyday Activities

Smartphones have become a major component in modern entrepreneurship, business, and in the workplace. Replying to messages and emails, checking in with team members and even holding meetings is now easier with smartphones and apps. You can now keep a track of records, set reminders, learn through online from your smartphone, or even shop. 

Smartphones and apps have revolutionized how people shop on a daily basis. You can order and pay for goods and services from the comfort of your home using your smartphones. For instance, the adoption of an ordering and delivery app by Domino Pizza boosted their profits in the United Kingdom alone by 28% in 2015. Similarly, more sales in 2015’s Black Friday, which amounted to $4.5b were made from smartphones. 

Over the past years, the advancement of technology has revolutionized the lives of many people and the world in general. Outstanding tools and resources such as smartphones and apps are now available, and have changed how individuals interact, communicate, get entertained, as well as handle day to day activities. 

Generally, smartphones and apps are life-saving in different aspects of life; life is more fun, better, faster, and easier with the availability of different apps and smartphones with various capabilities. If the latest developments in these aspects is anything to go by, undoubtedly smartphones and apps will continue revolutionizing different elements of our lives.




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