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Smartphone Buying Guide


Smartphone technology has brought in numerous changes to our lives over the past ten years. It is one invention that many have embraced. Businesses have significantly benefited from this invention because of the different things you can do with your device. We have millions of people from different parts of the world who are using smartphones at the moment. There are also several companies that deal with their production. The prices of these devices have gone down due to their increased production, and that’s the main reason behind the increased number of people owning them.

Benefits of Smartphone Technology

The following are some of the benefits witnessed since the invention of smartphones.

Improved Communication

Communication has been a lot easier, thanks to these inventions. You can now talk with people from different parts of the continent with ease. Through smartphones, you are able to download different communication apps which you will use to communicate with people from different parts of the world. You can call, text and even video call each other using these applications. There is also the option of sending emails and sharing photos through your smartphone.

Internet Accessibility

The internet is more like a fundamental need for most people because of the variety of things you can do with it. Your smartphone acts like a microcomputer because it has internet access features that perform functions like that of your ordinary computer. The ability to access the internet lets you do a lot of things using your smartphone.


These devices are also a great source of entertainment. Through them, you can access video sharing apps like YouTube and watch some of the latest music clips. You can also stream movies online using these applications. The chances of getting bored at home are very minimal because you will have all the entertainment you need right at the palm of your hands with your smartphone.


The introduction of smartphones has led to increased convenience in almost everything we do. So many activities can now be done online. A good example is playing lottery. You can now buy lottery tickets online, different from the conventional procedures where you had to walk physically to specific places. You can also shop online using your smartphone and have all the items delivered right to your doorstep. There is some high level of convenience you will enjoy using your smartphone.

Online Payments

Payments can also be made online using your smartphone. There are several mobile applications and money transfer apps which you can use to make online payments. You don’t have to walk around with physical cash which is not safe at all.

How to Choose the Best Smartphone

You must buy a good smartphone if you want some quality service. Here are some things you need to factor in when purchasing one.


It is the size and screen display of the smartphone you want to purchase. They usually come in different sizes which are measured in inches. Some of the popular display sizes include 4, 5, and 6-inch displays. You should settle for a size you find comfortable carrying around in your pocket. There are those who prefer large screen displays and others small. Buy one that suits your preference.


You also have to look at the storage capacity of the phone you want to choose. These devices work like computers. They should have the right RAM, ROM and an optional external memory to offer some quality service. Purchasing one with less memory may bring about some difficult experience when carrying out some processes using your phone. It should also have a good processor, so that you may have a smooth browsing experience.

Battery Life

The battery life of the smartphone you want to purchase is something else you need to factor in. Unlike the old phones, smartphones tend to use a lot of charge because of the different running processes. You should, therefore, look for a device with a proper storage capacity to avoid disappointments that come when your phone runs out of charge. Anything with 3000mAh and above is the best for your device.


Most smartphones have a camera feature that enables you to take photos and record videos. You can use it during events and other expeditions to capture special moments. To obtain high-quality images, you should look for a phone with the best camera. Manufacturers usually indicate the number of pixels in these cameras. You can check them and settle for one with higher pixels. Most of them also have a primary and secondary camera. Look at the number of pixels in them to choose one that will help you capture clear photos.

Operating Software

This is another thing that can determine the functionality of your phone. You should look for those with the latest software. The most popular software in smartphones are Android and iOS. Not having the most recent ones may limit some of the apps you can access. Look for one with the latest and also that which can be updated.


Smartphones do come in different costs which may vary according to several factors like features and also brand. Take your time to compare prices between different shops and brands that have the same features. Settle for the one you find affordable. If you are looking for the best, then you should start saving early. Factoring in all these will help you choose a good smartphone.



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