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Sonu Sood’s app “Pravasi Rojgar” receives Rs 250 Cr funding from Temasek’s GoodWorker ahead of Joint Venture

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has been under the spotlight for the past many months because of his phenomenal work to help migrant workers reach home. COVID-19 has brought many difficulties and ruthless situations for everyone, especially migrant workers and daily wage earners.

Following government guidelines for a nation-wide lockdown, life has become extremely tough for these workers as with the threat of Corona Virus spreading, they have no jobs to go to and majority of them are away from their village, family and homes.

Pravasi Rojgar

Sources: Dailymint

It is no surprise that all of this was a sudden one-day change and the execution of the lockdown plan was clearly not thought upon very well with respect to these migrant workers and people like Sonu Sood played the hero, as in his movies and successfully helped many migrants to reach home.

During this lockdown, Sonu Sood launched a mobile app by the name ‘Pravasi Rojgar’ which is aimed to help unemployed people who are struggling to find a steady source of income during these trying times.

Pravasi Rojgar is an initiative to provide job linkages and career progression support to daily wage earners and migrants of India who are in need of a job to maintain a decent livelihood.

Well, recently this initiative by actor Sonu Sood has received funding worth Rs. 250 crore from GoodWorker- a job matching platform that bridges blue-collar workers with trusted employers of India.

GoodWorker is owned by the Singapore government’s investment company, Temasek which is amongst the leading investors in Indian technology start-ups such as Ola, Pine Labs, Zomato and Curefit.

Having said that, not only is Temasek owned GoodWorker investing is Pravasi Rojgar, the investment company is looking forward to forming a Joint Venture with this investment. However, the investment will be received in instalments over the next 18 months, according to sources.

Sonu Sood for migrant workers

Source: Patrika

Sonu Sood’s Pravasi Rojgar was launched in partnership with education technology skilling platform- Schoolnet India which is already well established in the country and has connected over 15 lakh job seekers with big companies such as Max Healthcare, Urban Company, Amazon, Portea, Sodexo and many more.

Furthermore, Sources suggest that the Joint Venture between Pravasi Rojgar and GoodWorker will launch their first product offerings in the first half of 2021.

This partnership is most likely to expand the company’s aim to connect employers with job seekers and with the combined strengths of both the companies and GoodWorkers’ already established database, the Joint Venture is most likely to strengthen migrant outreach and further provide them with education, technology and appropriate work skills.



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