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SpaceX to make new record of the highest number of satellites launched in one mission

Well, 2020 seems to have started well for SpaceX. The successful launch of the 60 Starlink satellites, the most rapid reuse record of the Falcon 9, and now the most satellites to be launched in one mission. The latest launch by SpaceX will carry a total of 143 satellites to space and will make a new record. These satellites consisted of Starlink and other small satellites from various companies under the rideshare program. SpaceX announced the program in 2019 to club small satellites together for launches using the Falcon 9.

More about the “Transporter-1 mission”

SpaceX’s latest mission will take a total of 143 satellites to space. Out of these 133 satellites were commercial and government ones, while the others were Starlink satellites. The rideshare mission helps SpaceX cut down on the cost of operation of their missions. At the same time, it also helps other companies to send their satellites to space for a very low cost. SpaceX charges $15,000 per kg payload that a company would like to send to space. The most recent accomplishment by SpaceX will surpass the last record of 104 satellites delivered to the sun-synchronous orbit in one mission. It was accomplished by none other than an Indian launch rocket in 2017, which was phenomenal for the time.

SpaceX to make new record

Image Source: Space.com

Those who have taken SpaceX’s rideshare service said that the company’s working was very smooth and efficient. Even though SpaceX didn’t disclose any numbers on the number of bookings they had and have in the future, it will be large. I can say this because of the simple fact that customers are satisfied, and the process of getting a ride on their rockets isn’t tiresome at all, as Planet said. SpaceX has brought down the operational costs of launching rockets and hence the rideshare prices.

The most recent launch by SpaceX

SpaceX’s recent “Transporter-1 mission” took 48 SuperDove satellites to space. These satellites are from Planet, which has already praised the quality of service of the company. Success and praise received by SpaceX has also brought the idea of ridesharing missions into the limelight. Now even smaller companies are getting into developing boosters to take smaller satellites to outer space. And even though they could offer dedicated service, the reliance on these companies will be low. At the same time, the cost of launch will be higher than the charges SpaceX takes.

At the time of writing this, there are 9 hours to go for the launch. And the weather conditions now aren’t very promising. There is about a 40% chance of experiencing weather conditions that could delay the launch. Though it is for sure, be it today or within a week, SpaceX will make a new record.

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