Spain Eyeing on Becoming the Crypto ATM Hub
It is set to build 100 bitcoin ATM, making it the crypto hub in the year 2022

Spain is attempting to establish itself as a cryptocurrency powerhouse in Europe, and recent developments demonstrate that it is feasible.

This year, Spain will install 100 Bitcoin ATMs.
Bitnovo, a renowned Spanish bitcoin payment platform, has teamed with Eurocoin, Europe’s biggest electronic component provider. The collaboration will result in the installation of 100 cryptocurrency ATMs across the country by the end of the year.

With 199 Bitcoin ATMs now accessible in the country, Spain is the leading country in Europe in terms of Bitcoin ATMs. In 2022, 100 more Bitcoin ATMs will be installed, bringing the total to over 300.

The relationship with Bitnovo, according to Eurocoin CEO Fernando Dumont, is a deliberate step into the cryptocurrency market. He stated that he believes cryptocurrency will coexist with regular payment methods.

Spain intends to become Europe’s leading bitcoin country. Following the internet shutdown in Kazakhstan earlier this year, which impacted Bitcoin’s mining hash rate, Mara Muoz, a Deputy for the Spanish Ciudadanos political party, suggested a law to make Spain a crypto mining hub.

However, no discussion of the bill has taken place in the Spanish parliament since then.

In terms of total Bitcoin ATMs, Europe lags behind North America.

North America has the most Bitcoin ATMs in the world. There are already over 36,000 Bitcoin ATMs worldwide. North America, on the other hand, accounts for 94.9 percent of the total number of Bitcoin ATMs worldwide (the United States has 30,835 and Canada has 2,266).

How does a crypto ATM work?

To manage transactions, Bitcoin ATMs and other crypto ATMs employ an internet-based cryptocurrency gateway. In the case of a Bitcoin ATM, customers deposit cash, and the machine turns the cash into cryptocurrency and delivers the funds to your Bitcoin wallet, from where you send and receive all of your Bitcoin funds.

Bitcoin ATMs are one of the most secure ways to purchase, send, or trade Bitcoin. For starters, quick transactions shield you from the volatility of Bitcoin. Second, passwords and two-factor authentication secure your account from unauthorized access. Here are the security precautions that operators and users take to keep their funds safe.

Europe accounts for 4%, with the rest of the world accounting for the remaining 1%. Spain leads the way in Europe with 199 Bitcoin ATMs, followed by Switzerland with 142. Asia, Africa, and South America lag considerably behind the rest of the world.

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