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Steam is Adding Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Support

Valve has added official support for the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers to Steam’s beta client. The support for the Joy-Cons will be available in both individual configurations and matched pairs. The new support will also be available for Nintendo Online’s classic controllers. This update should be rolled out to all users in the near future. Until then, try out the beta and enjoy the new features!

Steam Joy-Con Support

Credit @ Nintendo

Steam is already supporting most controllers and now it’s adding support for the Joy-Con controllers for Nintendo Switch. The support for the Joy-Cons is great news for those who already own the console. The Joy-Cons can be paired with the Steam games for a complete controller experience. As long as the two controllers have the same model number, the console will be compatible with the Joy-Cons.

The new support is available in the latest Steam beta for both individual and paired controllers. As long as the Joy-Con controllers have a Bluetooth adapter, they are supported with Steam. And the best part is that Steam will recognize the Joy-Con controllers as standard gamepads, so you can enjoy your games without any hassles.

This new support for classic controllers comes as no surprise, considering the recent announcement by Valve. Earlier this year, Valve added support for the NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, and Nintendo 64 wireless controllers. But the company has not stopped there. The company has also made Hori’s Pokken Tournament DX Pro controller compatible with Steam’s client. So if you’re looking to play your Steam games on Switch controllers, hit up the Steam beta!

Steam Joy-Con Support

Credit @ Nintendo

You’ll need to opt into the beta before you can use the new controllers with Steam. To do this, visit your Steam settings page and click on the “Opt-In to the Beta” tab. Also, make sure your computer has Bluetooth connectivity since the Joy-Con controllers can’t connect to your PC through the cable. It’s worth noting that Steam was recently blocked in Indonesia after failing to comply with new regulations. After complying with the new rules, the website has been unblocked and is ready to allow games to play games in Indonesia.

As for their own console, Valve bumped up the reservations for the Steam Deck as well. Many reservations have already been moved up to Q3 2022, while the rest will be fulfilled before the end of the year. The Steam Deck has been released as of February 25 and comes in three different price levels. The 64GB model costs $400, the 256GB version costs $529, and the 512GB version comes with a price tag of $649.



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