How To Stop Being Lazy And Increase Your Productivity

Stop Being Lazy And Increase Your Productivity

Some human beings are lazy by nature. If you have enough money, you would rather stay at home, do all the lazy activities and spend your whole life in a similar fashion. It is just because we have to study to get a job and work to earn and live properly that we do them else it would have been – eat, sleep and repeat.

We all know that laziness is killing our potential and if we are not lazy, you can do amazing things in life. Yet, laziness is so much pleasurable that we get addicted to it and make it a habit that we just cannot get rid of.

Reasons Of Laziness

There are various reasons behind laziness such as low self-esteem, lack of ambition in life, lack of appreciation for good work, lack of discipline, lack of motivation, passion, and interest in work you do and likewise. If you have low self-esteem, you will be satisfied with whatever you get to have a good enough living.

You would never look for something big as you think of yourself as someone who is not meant for big things and should belong to the small league. Sometimes, it is the people with whom you surround yourself also make you lazy with negative inputs.

If you do not get appreciated for your good work, you will lose interest in working, and there would be no motivating factor to work harder and outshine your best performance. Some people are lethargic in nature due to their smooth upbringing where they never tasted the joy of breaking limitations and achieving new things.

Subsequently, laziness has become their way of living, and they have no self-discipline by which laziness can be eradicated easily. The negative outlook on life and situations around a person also make him lazy as he sees no ray of hope to work hard and create opportunities to excel.

Effects Of Laziness

Scientifically speaking, laziness is due to lack of motivation, and it leads to release of dopamine which in turn, makes us procrastinate and kills productivity. Just think about all the great men and women whom ordinary people worship and idolize.

If they were lazy in life and were not motivated enough to be ambitious and achieve the apparent impossible goals, they would have been just another guy or girl.

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If you are lazy in your student life, you are hindering your progress of learning new things. Unless you learn new things, you cannot understand where your real interest and passion lie. You will end up choosing the wrong subject for graduation and messing up your future career.

If you are lazy in professional life, you are hurting your chances of promotion, and you are likely to be the ones who get laid off first. Unless you are active and working hard, you cannot reach the doors of opportunities.

You will regret in the old age that you could not reach your full potential and remained an underachieved for your lifetime. Neither can you even achieve the dreams you wanted to achieve.

Scientifically speaking, laziness will send you to grave faster than others and depression and stress will be your regular companions.

How To Stop Being Lazy and Increase Your Productivity?

Breaking Free Of The Shackles

Laziness is a habit that you have to break free with your willpower. Willpower comes from aggressive short-term ambitions and motivation to achieve them. The first step should be to acknowledge the fact that you are lazy and identify the root causes of your laziness.

The next step is to act against your mind because your mind is habituated with laziness and it would prevent you from breaking free. By acting against your mind, you will naturally create a positive view and approach on everything.

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You should start eradicating the reasons of your laziness. Get in the company of people who work hard and give you positive vibes. As a matter of fact, you should start competing with them for motivation and adapt their lifestyle to get habituated to working hard and breaking barriers.

External Assistance

If you are still finding it difficult to get out of your lazy habits, you need an external assistance. If you are physically lazy, you need to join a gym and find a therapist who can rejuvenate your body and help you break free of the tiring shackles.

If you are lazy mentally like you mind kills your good intentions and you lack the motivation, you require a mentor or a coach who can constantly motivate you and keep track of your activities through which you can achieve your goals.

It is a fact that mentors and coaches help people to increase work productivity exponentially and achieve big goals in short time.


If you do not want a person to supervise your work, you need to be your own mentor. You have to create burning desires to keep you motivate every single day and challenge you physically and mentally to push your limits.

You should do all the activities that will boost your energy like meditation, healthy food habits, definite sleeping duration and most importantly self-discipline. Once you become disciplined, laziness would vanish and enthusiasm will flow naturally

Work will truly become worship and you will be proud of what you achieve every day. When there is a will, there is a way and with your best steps every day, the way will lead to glory before you are old.

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