Swiggy Makes It To The Trending List Following Its ‘Sweet’ Wish For Zomato IPO.

Twitter is filled with notes of applause and appreciation for Swiggy following its rather sweet note of support for Zomato’s IPO. Although people are all in for the generous nature of Swiggy, some cannot help marvel at the brilliance of Swiggy’s marketing team. They managed to merge together a note of support and a sales trick and that’s something to applaud. Nobody will deny that Swiggy knows how to play it smart.

The Sweet Note

It is well known that competition is tight between Swiggy and Zomato owing to the same field of work. However, that did not stop Swiggy from wishing Zomato the very best for its major step. While the generous nature and the example of healthy competition deserve a thumbs-up, what is more interesting is the funny twist to the tale. Gulab Jamun, Laddoo, and Barfi in all their immaculate sweetness encapsulate the brilliance of Swiggy’s marketing team which indeed is notable. Having all your brain cells working in order to make the best use of an opportunity is a gift indeed. After all, Swiggy is a food delivery app. It is not surprising that they know the right recipes for success.


Zomato has been in the spotlight following the news of the Initial Public Offering(IPO) which is a huge step for all the startups. The IPO is indeed the most talked about topic in the business domain at the moment. And now, with the sweet and considerate message, Swiggy has also made it to the trending list on Twitter.

Responses On Twitter

The Twitter town seems to be quite impressed with the smart move of Swiggy. And the tweets one after the other giving Swiggy thumps up for its smart move reflect the same. Looks like Swiggy has managed to take a free ride on Zomato’s vehicle, thanks to the brain behind the well-wishing message. All jokes apart, it cannot be denied that Swiggy’s generous attitude of healthy competition was rather sweet indeed. Here are some of the sweet responses from Twitter applauding Swiggy’s sweetness.

Swiggy knows how to run this race.

The question now is who is the star today? Zomato or Swiggy? Looks like we need something sweet to help us think.

The perks of having a brilliant market team.

We should not miss the good attitude either. After all, they made an effort.

Whoever it was, they definitely deserve a raise. No doubt.

If you need a working example for the quote, “smart work is better than hard work.” Here you go.

Keeping the brilliance element apart, it cannot be denied that the gesture by Swiggy despite Zomato being its biggest competition is rather commendable. And if there is a bit of brilliance involved in that gesture, you cannot blame them. After all, when the brain cells work, the effect becomes visible.