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Switzerland’s Bank UBS says clients have Crypto FOMO

One of the largest banks in Switzerland, UBS, said that people have FOMO in crypto. When the prices of these digital currencies skyrocketed in the last year, literally everyone wanted to invest. At the same time, these individuals are also looking at other investment options because of the crash. And even now, people might be scared but want to invest in it as well.

Why Switzerland’s Bank UBS said that there is crypto FOMO?

Ralph Hamers, the CEO of UBS Group AG, talks about clients’ FOMO regarding BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies. And as per reports, we can see that JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs are already thinking about cryptocurrency trading. This is quite interesting because these two firms are one of the finest for Global Investment Banking.

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In the interview with Bloomberg, the CEO was asked about what he thinks about all the steps taken by these large firms. Also, what his company will be doing in this regard? Will the firm provide access to crypto investments to the clients involved with wealth management? After going through all these questions, his reply implied that people feel that maybe they are missing out on something big when it comes to cryptocurrency. So, different kinds of clients often lookout for different alternatives.

He further added that their clients read about cryptocurrency in different newspapers, and there is certainly a grey area. The firm still thinks that cryptocurrency is something that still comes under an untested category of asset. So, the company doesn’t advise it actively.

The interview went on, and here are some more of it.

Further, the reporter asked the CEO whether he has a fear of missing out on earning millions and billions of dollars. To that, the witty CEO replied that he never has FOMO. So, maybe this is something for the common public.

To explain his point further, he explains why he doesn’t have any fear of missing out. Well, he continues that he is always determined about what he is going to do next. And I think people should follow this advice when they are going through such a circumstance. And also, keeping a good focus on what he wants plays an important role in never having that kind of fear.

Switzerland's Bank UBS says clients have crypto FOMO

Image Source:- The Wall Street Journal

Hamers says that he is an active CEO for 8 years in Switzerland’s Bank UBS and the most important thing when you are in the finance business is what you are known for. The point is what they do for their loyal clients. He finally concludes by saying that they are always working for their clients, and they will continue to do so even if they FOMO.

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