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Taiwan goes with Ethereum IPFS in response to the threat from China

Taiwan goes with Ethereum IPFS in response to the threat from China


Taiwan deploys Ethereum IPFS to counter China

  • IPFS (Interplanetary File System) technology
  • Deployment of IPFS by Taiwan
  • The tension between Taiwan and China
  • The statement from Digital Minister Audrey Tang


Interplanetary File System Technology

Interplanetary File System

Credits: The New Stack

Data can be stored and shared in a distributed file system using the protocol, hypermedia, and peer-to-peer network known as IPFS. Each file in a global namespace connecting IPFS servers is uniquely identified via content-addressing, which is used by IPFS. Some of the advantages of deploying IPFS is that it makes the following redundant.

  1. Mirror Sites
  2. Traditional File Sharing
  3. Web Catching
  4. Proxy Servers


Taiwan deploys Ethereum IPFS to counter China’s attack

According to reports, Taiwan has gone ahead to deploy the IPFS technology to counter the threat from China. Let’s look at a tweet below

From the tweet, it is understood that, the U.S Speaker of the house went to visit Taiwan and the discussions were made on how Taiwan and US can grow their relationship. When the discussion about China’s threat came, Taiwan made the announcement of integrating Ethereum IPFS to counter the attack that is predicted to happen.

Let’s look at what’s causing the stress between Taiwan and China at the first place!

Since, 1949, Taiwan is one of the countries that has not come under the governing of China’s laws and constitution. This fact did not go down well with China’s Capital Beijing. Beijing is in its pursuit to unify Taiwan into the mainland and has told that it would not back off to use the military power, if the situation arises. But, in contrast, Taiwan’s president has made it clear that they prefer freedom and would not unify itself with China. In support of Taiwan, US has also made in roads as political meets are conducted quite frequently between the two.

As a result, the tension between China and Taiwan is increasing rapidly. Many of them fear that, a war between China and USA might start for the control over Taiwan.

What does digital minster have to say about the situation? Let’s find out!

The digital minster of Taiwan, Audrey tang, thanked US for the support, launching the new project the same day, China began military drills near Taiwan, following Pelosi’s visit.

He was also heard saying “It has not been successfully attacked thus far, and it has never been imprisoned for even a little period of time, according to Tang. It makes use of a Web3 structure connected to both the worldwide Web2 backbone network and the blockchain community at large.”


What do you think about the situation Taiwan and China are in? Do you support USA’s stand on Taiwan and the intervention done by USA? Share your thoughts in the comments section. If you like the content, then please share it with your peers and colleagues.



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