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Tata Motors Set to Take Over Ford Plant in Gujarat
A formal ceremony for the MoU signing between the two companies is being planned for May 30

Tata Motor’s a subsidiary of Tata Industries and one of the largest and most successful automobile companies in India has come out to announce that the company is set to take over an automobile plant which was owned by Ford Motors, an automobile company based in the United States of America.

This news comes half a year after Ford announced that they will stop their manufactures in the country and will be leaving the Indian automobile market. The plant is situated in Sanand, Gujarat. The parties involved have all agreed to the deal is subject to approval by the government and the cabinet but is expected to go through without any real issues.

ford plant by ET

Ford Motors have not explicitly mentioned the reasons for them exiting the Indian automobile industry, but it has been assumed it is due to incorrect interpretation of data, the statistics of the market, their target demographics, design and marketing of the products and services and even a massive funding of another manufacturing plant when their original one was not even being used to its full capacity, according to many experts.

The plant that is situated in the Gujarat town stopped their operations just over a month ago, but now work in the plant is set to resume once they are given the green light from the government. This acquisition is set to be a great boost for Tata Motors as they will be acquiring a fully functional plant to manufacture their automobiles which are one of the most demanded cars in the country. Tata Motors also started

The government has already sent a non-objection certificate to the parties meaning the deal is set to go through very soon. Both companies are also set to put pen to paper on a memorandum of understanding in the presence of the chief minister of Gujarat, Mr. Bhupendra Patel. This is set to take place on Monday, the 30th of May where representatives all parties including Mr. Bhupendra Patel will all meet to get this deal officially underway.

The government of the state has already given the firms an unofficial green light to the parties, but the specifics like the exact worth of the deal, employee and labour specifics, tax and other duties still need to be laid out and agreed upon by all parties involved.

All the incentives that were offered to Ford Motors is set to be handed over to Tata Motors now until the agreement runs out. This deal is set to benefit all parties involved.



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