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As a part of the tech in Techstory, we bring you the latest in the technology from around the world under “TECH THIS WEEK!” every Sunday! This week we saw action cam makers GoPro recalling their karma drone and Snapchat launching its much hyped spectacles. We also saw Facebook attempting a LinkedIn style jobs in its platform along with testing live video streaming in its acquired company – Instagram. In case, if you’ve missed any of those, along with Samsung’s latest patent on bendable phones, don’t worry just keep reading !

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Action Cam Makers GoPro Is Recalling Their Karma Drone Now !


The action cam makers began as an idea to help athletes self-document themselves engaged in sport, GoPro has been desperately attempting to become an end-to-end storytelling solution that helps the world share itself through immersive and engaging content.

After a very poor performance in their recent quarter and the company was keeping its hopes up very high on the Hero 5 and Karma drone sales. But things haven’t been falling in line for the company, and it announced that it is recalling Karma to resolve performance issue related issues.

Customers can now return their GoPro Karma bundle (including Hero 5 and Karma Grip) for a full refund until further announcement and this recall includes even the ones which are fully functional without any purchase issues. This is a major setback for the company, who was looking to venture into the drone market with Karma.

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