Tesla battery day Event live blog: All updates

Tesla is the biggest EV manufacturer in the US. The company has never failed to impress its followers and users by making significant leaps in EV technologies. And I hope it continues to do so in the future.

Tesla battery day

Recently, the company has been innovating a lot in the lithium-ion battery department for its EVs to provide long life and better sustainability. So, to announce the strides they have made, the “Tesla battery day” is here. The event was announced on Twitter by Elon Musk on 11th September.

Seeing the latest tweets of Musk has really excited us, So here are all the live updates right from the Tesla battery day event.

4: 12 AM: Tesla Plaid Model S announced

Tesla Model S Plaid: Everything We Know

Tesla just announced the new model S plaid with 1100 horsepower, 520 miles of range and can achieve speeds of 60 miles per hour in under 2 seconds. It will be available by the end of 2021 and can be ordered now.

4:05 AM: Updated structure of battery

Their new structure of battery will help in better battery management by increasing the amount of cells packed in one pack. This will help in reducing body costs and all in all everything adds up to reduce their production costs by 56%.

4: 01 AM: New alloys by Tesla

They are working on new alloys that will help in acting and won’t be affected by heat. This will reduce the production costs of body by 40% and reduce parts per car by 79%.

3: 56 AM: Lithium extraction

Tesla has devised a new method to extract Lithium and have acquired a lithium depository land. They say that there is enough Lithium in Nevada that can power the entire US.

3: 53: Reduce production cost using Nickel

Tesla’s new production methods will reduce the production cost by 76% and there will be 0% waste water. This method is much more scalable and improve battery productions.

3: 45 AM: Use of Silicon

Elon talks about how the use of silicon will reduce the production costs of battery even more. But due to restrictions of the material it is not scalable enough at present. But the company is working on it. This means cheaper and longer range.

3:41 Am: Future goals of Tesla

Tesla battery day

Tesla aims to use their cell suppliers and also produce 100 Giga-watt hours per year by 2025 and 3 Tera-watt hours by 2030.

3: 37 AM: Assembly

By improving their assembly line they achieved a production rate of 20 giga-watt hours per assembly lines. And that’s a 7x times improvement over past speeds. They also aim to be the best company in the world in terms of manufacturing as its the most difficult process.

3: 31 AM: Tesla’s battery manufacturing process

Tesla battery day

They talk about the manufacturing process of batteries in their factories and how difficult it is to scale up the process of manufacturing.

3: 29 AM: Stats of the improved tech

Tesla battery day

There is an 5x increase of energy density, a  16% increase in range and 6x power bump. They also announced that they are planning to start manufacturing of these new batteries in their factories.

3: 24 AM: Improving battery tech

Tesla battery day

They are trying to introduce a new technology in batteries that will remove the thermal issues and will reduce the production and improve speeds. There is a shorter path length in a larger battery which will also helps improving the battery.

3: 20 AM: Reduce battery cost

Tesla battery day

Elon says that the production costs of batteries have kind of flattening out and this is motivating them to think new ways to improve the production ways and reduce costs.

3:16 AM: Tesla’s target

In order to take a leap in batteries Tesla is now going to do all work and talk in tera-watt instead of giga-watts. They estimate a requirement of 150 terrawattt hours of battery production to transition all vehicles to electric. Tesla is talking about a 100x growth here. They estimate that they need at least 20-25 terawatt battery production per year for next 15-25 years to transition to EVs completely.

3: 13 AM: Elon addresses climate change issues

Tesla says that they are seeing a reverse in the trend of using fossil fuels in the past 10 years the power products from coal have halved but this needs to accelerate.

2: 56 AM: Manufacturing is difficult + 3 new factories

Tesla battery day

As Elon tweeted, he repeats that manufacturing a factory that manufactures a product is much more complicated than designing the car/vehicle itself. Tesla is also working forward to make new factories and has been working on 3 at present.

2: 47 AM: Tesla’s growth and improvements

The company has seen a growth of about 50% in 2019. Elon Musk expects that they will also see a growth of about 30-40% in 2020. Elon talks about focusing on green energy and slowly moving towards 100% use of them. He also claims they might launch a 100% version of self-driving autopilot in a month.

2: 39 AM: Elon Musk is on stage

Tesla battery day

Elon Musk thanks all the shareholders of Tesla at “Tesla Battery day”, and talks about Tesla’s achievements in the past year. He says Tesla Shanghai Team has made a great factory from scratch in just 15 months. Elon expects the Shanghai factory to scale productions to 1 million cars a year. He also says Tesla is the only company in the US in the last 100 years to reach volume production and stay profitable.

2: 30 AM: Human Rights proposal

Everything You Need to Know about Human Rights | raptim

The proposal claims many face racism, sexual harassment, and disregard for sexual harassment and dignity for Tesla workers. However, Tesla’s board recommends shareholders vote against the proposal.

2:12 AM: Live from Tesla

We are live from the “Tesla’s Battery day” event.