Tesla evidently nearing initial production phases in Texas

A recent post shared by Tesla enthusiasts in Austin posted a photo of Model Y being manufactured. It was rumored that Cybertruck will initially be produced in the factory in Texas, then Model Y would be finished soon. Despite the speculations on which model vehicles will first start deliveries, Tesla is evidently nearing initial production phases. Giga Texas is to start production by the end of this year.

Tesla releases impressive look inside Gigafactory Shanghai, with its  hundreds of robots - Electrek
Image credits- Electrek

In February this year, Tesla received a big order of robots in Giga Texas. A week ago, a Local workforce leader visited Tesla in Nevada and California to evaluate the workforce needs in the Texas factories. A recent photo is shared by a user in Reddit which was initially posted by Model Y enthusiasts from Austin on Facebook. It looks like Texas is getting ready for Model y production.

Service Agents sending photo of MY being made in Austin(?) to waiting customers (via Tesla Model Y Enthusiasts FB group) from teslamotors

The demand for Model Y has skyrocketed recently. Especially considering that Tesla changed VINs by the end of Q2 to increase its delivery numbers. The vehicles were instead delivered to customers located in California or nearby. While the change in vehicle identification number was worth it considering the Q2 sales which met Wall Street prediction. Tesla needs to supply the most demanded Model Y.

Rumored to manufacture Cybertruck initially

However, Tesla Texas is known to manufacture Cybertruck initially and then probably manufacture Model Y. There was a post from Troy Teslike, who estimated Tesla deliveries, saying Giga Texas will have Cybtertruck with 4680 cells.

There is no official notification, but considering that factories test their manufacturing robots prior to manufacturing is common. The Reddit post is most likely that the Model Y manufacturing was being tested. Tests like automated lines calibration are done to ensure manufacturing equipment is running smoothly.

Not to forget, the Cybertruck is in demand too, considering the truck can be ordered in bulk orders. Demand for Cybertruck is highest before the production starts. Rival companies like Ford, Rivian, and GMC Hummer are yet to start their deliveries of electric pickups. Rivian was supposed to start deliveries first, in July but delayed to September.

Tesla Giga Texas is expected to create around 10,000 new jobs. Workforce Solutions has been learning about Tesla operations and working on how to get people working. Some job opportunities will need only trade certifications, others will need a graduate degree. According to some news channels, Tesla is creating a domino effect as more manufacturing factories have set their eye on the location. Despite having robots for manufacturing, people are needed for maintenance and other activities.

Regardless of which vehicles are being manufactured. Tesla Giga Texas is in the final stages of starting the manufacturing process and is expected to start production by 2021-end.