Elon Musk
Elon Musk

Tesla FSD Beta 10 to be unveiled next week?

Tesla head Elon Musk has said that his company’s new Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta 10 could be unveiled as early as next week. This comes even after the biz tycoon recently admitted to Tesla’s FSD Beta 9.2 not being great. The new update for the driver-assistance software is expected to be brought to light soon, maybe as early as next week.

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving tech is not yet capable of actually self-driving. Nevertheless, Tesla had first given the world an insight into its move towards full autonomy during its AI Day event, along with a sneak peek into the workings. While Musk remains confident that the tech will one day overtake human sensibilities, the most suitable description for the same as of now remains to be that of an SAE Level 2 driver assistant.

Midnight Friday Next Week

However, Musk has now informed his followers on Twitter that the latest update of the technology could be arriving earlier than expected, providing a deadline of Friday next week (September 10, that is). While it is expected that the new beta might be a closed one, and be limited only to those people who have already opted into the company’s FSD Beta programme, it may be reasonable to believe that a broader release might be announced soon enough as well.

Tesla FSD Beta 10
Image Credits: Tesla

And that’s not all, as a follow-up tweet, again by Musk himself, makes followers believe that Beta 10.1 might make its way to them through a “public opt in request button.” The deadline for the same has been kept at around “two weeks from now (or around September 25).” This means that should things go as planned, users who have enrolled themselves in the programme might soon come across a prompt in their infotainment menu, which will grant them access to the latest version.

Still A Long Way To Go

While Musk and Tesla’s solid fan-following, and car tech enthusiasts, might be pumped up about the prospect, caution is advised, owing to the fact that the new model will most likely have at least a few bugs. And even any without major problems, Tesla’s FSD still qualifies as only an SAE Level 2 assistant, which means that a human driver must actively monitor its functioning while driving, so as to assess the vehicle’s progress, while also being ready to intervene at any point if necessary. Add to that any surprise delays that may happen, and we may have to wait a bit for a truly FSD assistant.