Upcoming Tesla FSD updates every two weeks with superhuman AI predictions

On Friday, Tesla released the Full Self Driving software update V.9.1 where various issues have been fixed. Elon Musk said that Tesla will have releases every two weeks on Friday (Californian time). As a reply to a user conveying mind-blowing updates, Musk says that Tesla’s AI predictions are swiftly becoming superhuman.

Image credits- Tesmanian

Early videos released by Tesla owners show that their ride was much smoother and the update is much “defined”.

One such post by Tesla owner @WholeMarsBlog tweeted that Tesla fixed various issues with the V.9.1 update. Earlier V.9.0 was close enough to know the distance from the object to the car. It turned out that cameras are much more reliable, as radar sensors are not always reliable. The recent update is known to be able to accurately measure the distance.

According to what Elon Musk mentioned, the upcoming next FSD update V.9.2 would be in two weeks, on August 13, 2021. Progression seems to be faster with every update. In 2019, Tesla’s hardware 3.0 was released which is considered enough for Tesla cars to become fully autonomous. Though the updates since then have been slow, Tesla started providing autonomous driving subscriptions to its customers this year. Since then, the updates are boosting more than ever.

Superhuman predictions

The most awaited upcoming update is regarding Tesla AI. While we know that Tesla AI day is on August 19th. There is no prediction on when owners will be able to experience Tesla’s supercomputer, Dojo induced with Tesla cars. Tesla’s idea of training AI enables the car to use regular cameras.

Tesla FSD V9.1 details

At least for the coming week, there will be videos from Tesla owners all over the internet about the recent update. Here are some earlier video releases some users posted. Drivers themselves are working out things and knowing the difference between updates. Below is a video by a user, which shows at 1:07 minutes when the car observes a cyclist a bit far away from the car, the car slows down. Till around 1:13 minutes we can see that car is cautious.

Another video shows that Tesla perfected right turns. It was a smooth 90-degree turning point, and the car seems to be doing better than humans now. When observed carefully in the below video, the driver is habituated to using the wheel and is almost about to hold the steering wheel. However, after seeing such perfect turning, the user resumes being off-wheel.

Superhuman AI predictions would be much better. Possibly will increase human confidence in the autonomy of Tesla cars. Watching the development personally is more satisfying. More details on the FSD V9.1 are yet to come as more users are trying out the new updates.