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Tesla to attract the best AI talent on AI day, scheduled for August 19

Elon Musk announces the AI day event date as August 19th. More details are yet to be shared about the event. However, the AI day is expected to be similar to the Battery day Tesla previously had. The best AI talent gets to be part of Tesla’s futuristic progress combining hardware and software they developed till now.

Tesla's 'Battery Day': Elon Musk's Biggest Announcements

Image credits- Business Insider

Musk initially talked about an AI day on June 22, saying where he mentions combining hardware and software. For a while now, Musk has been hinting at Tesla’s focus on AI. During a conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), Tesla’s Andrej Karpathy gave more insights on AI. He mentioned the benefits of having automation while driving. Human drivers are known to get distracted or lose control in many ways. Karpathy pointed out that automation should be able to reduce the number of accidents with highly monitored driving Tesla AI-based FSD.

Further when Karpathy talked about Dojo. Once Tesla completes building the computer, it will potentially be the world’s 5th most powerful computer. Tesla cars will be combined with this technology where the car will be able to think like humans, possibly by looking, hearing, and many such features.

Hiring the best:

On June 29, Musk tweeted about attracting the best AI talent. Which would mean revealing their progress so far, and mentioning their goals on how to advance further. With a similar concept, Tesla had a battery day last September. They talked about 4680 battery cells. Most of the talk about the battery day event was on the fact that they didn’t bring a prototype cell to the event.

There are many constraints to improve as Tesla will have AI-based software. Making the learning process quick and safe. The core autopilot team has about 15-20 people. As more Tesla cars come on the road, the available data increases so the computer needs more power to utilize the data. This is where Dojo plays a huge role. Tesla is possibly going to make Dojo available to other companies. However, the development started with the idea to develop one for Tesla cars automation.

The AI day is possibly going to be a continuation and combination of Andrej Karpathy’s talk on Tesla’s AI. Interestingly using the Dojo computer is not the solution, it is the start of the solution to level 4 or level 5 autonomy. Traning the vehicle would change things. Though Tesla predicts positive outcomes, there are challenges yet to be known.





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