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Tesla Giga Berlin To Face More “Environment Groups” Challenges

Ever since the factory’s initial step started, the Tesla Giga Berlin has been facing issues with environmental groups. And the Tesla team in Germany has been explaining itself and making things clear with their new initiations.

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First, it was when they had to specifically mention that the team will make sure to plant the same number of trees again, as many as they cut down. Then they had to make sure the locals know that the company is environmentally friendly. And that they are as sustainable as the local area is.

Additionally, they also announced a recent dry-electrode coating for battery cells. So the factory wouldn’t consume more water than anticipated. Despite consistent efforts, the team still is facing challenges to have a better representation with local communities.

The challenge

It is considered more like a challenge than a hurdle because, despite all the claims, the factory did everything by the rules. And the claims sent by the environmental groups are not fully true.

As ironic as the situation sounds, the environmental groups claimed that the Tesla Giga factory would emit poisonous gases. Being a sustainable company that kind of statement is nowhere close to reality.

Tesla already is manufacturing cars in other countries. So it could prove that they indeed wouldn’t harm the environment. Some say that the groups are harassing the Tesla team, and others claim that it would delay the processes for Tesla.

However, it is about representing the local community. The place was untouched since world war-II. And the local community dates back to the good old days when factories were known to harm the environment. This is in fact true to date, but not with the Tesla factory.

Sustainable company

Everything from buying conflict-free material to recycling batteries. Tesla makes sure to be as sustainable as possible. Even the leather material on the seats is an animal-free product despite being an SUV.

The environmental group’s objection is, “The objection is based on the claim that Tesla has not sufficiently clarified what precautions it will take to prevent highly poisonous gas from escaping from the factory, the objection document showed.”

While they do claim that, with every claim, it ends with, “suspend your permit”. This is not acceptable because having a Tesla factory in the area would actually benefit them too. No matter how many ways the Tesla team tries, the environmental groups still come forward with other excuses.

Clearly, the representation of being a “sustainable company” is lost somewhere. It is possible that the company needs to make innovative initiations to have better representations in the country. As Giga Berlin would be the core of European sales. It is highly important that such issues are addressed. Last time the China’s protest became a worldwide interest. And Giga Berlin seems to be getting similar negative attention.



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