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Tesla Might Launch Model S Plaid at China’s Hainan Expo
Tesla to bring entire S3XY line to the International Consumer Expo

More than 1,000 exhibitors are to appear at the International Consumer products Expo.  Being famous for launching new models, Hainan Expo may get to have a Tesla Model S Plaid appearance.

Watch the new, 1,100-horsepower Tesla Model S Plaid

Image credits- Business Insider India

Showcasing S3XY line

In February Tesla confirmed its attendance at the Hainan Expo. Tesla’s overall sales hiked in Q1 mostly because of their sales in China. Despite the struggles, 69,631 Tesla cars were insured in China. Additionally, Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are the most popular. Interestingly, despite other local EVs being more affordable and convenient. Yet Tesla is one among the top 5 Premium cars sold.

Being one of the most affordable premium cars, Tesla had the need to make it big in the Chinese market. Hainan Expo is known to have new model launches in the past.

Two weeks ago, the company already showcased its models at an Auto Expo.  It was expected to be the same until they hinted at Weibo (China’s social media). The post-shower that the full S3XY lineup will be there. However, there are no specific indications of Model S Plaid. 

Image credits- driveteslacanada.ca

Already the new model test version was spotted in the US. If not starting the production, it would be an ideal time for the launch. Furthermore, this special attention in China might gain more sales in the future. 

50,000 customers to attend the event

In February, the global president, Tao Ling said, “We are highly supportive of and optimistic about the Expo.” Furthermore, they see it as scope for the development of the Hainan Free trade port. 

Additionally, the event is organized by Hainan Provincial Bureau. Which is organized with a motive to increase domestic consumption. Also to push the overseas spending back to China. 

Besides Tesla, there will be around 200 Global brands exhibiting their brands. Different brands like Remy, L’Oréal, and Shiseido will be present. 

A maximum of 50,000 high-end potential customers will visit the expo each day. And all easy 3,000 to 5,000 professional buyers will be present.  

This year’s location Hainan plays a crucial role for brands to exhibit their products. It is a travel retail global HubSpot while no global brand will miss. Tesla with its high goals for China sales is expected to do something exclusively for the Chinese customers. 

Hence, Tesla Model S Plaid which is already in the test version is an ideal launch date and place. Other brands are also preparing to launch their latest products.




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