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Tesla Model S Plaid Badge Is A Powerful Iteration
Earlier the badge was just "Plaid".

As the Delivery event of the Tesla Model S Plaid is was a grand success. The Badge reveal is the talk of the show. Because Tesla is probably the first car maker to use graphics as a badge.

Tesla Model S Plaid event: Notes from the Elon Musk show - Electrek

Image credits- Electrek

It is adapted from Elon Musk’s favorite opera comedy films. And the film is Mel Brooks’ 1987 cult classic Spaceballs. Interestingly, one of the sequences of the film had several levels of Starship speeds. So one of the speed names was “Plaid Speed”, while others were “Light speed”, “Ludicrous speed” and “Ridiculous speed”.

Though we remember the car as “plaid”, Tesla used the name “Ludicrous” in the past to describe Model S Plaid.

Most powerful

Being the most powerful flagship sedan in Tesla models, the graphic badge did its job. Its badge is barely visible from afar, however, keen observers can notice.

Tesla Badge on a car at the event

Along with Model S plaid, the Model X Plaid was there too. However, there are no details on whether the badge was visible on the Model X. As the Yoke steering is there, the screen was more visible. And the interior for the plaid version is much appreciated.

It says that the car doesn’t allow children seated at the rear seat, for safety purposes. And with or without the autopilot mode, the autonomy is increased as part of drive assist.

Tesla Model X Plaid Debut As Model S Plaid Deliveries Start

The Delivery event

It is said that this presentation by Elon Musk was probably one of the least prepared ones. It was very brief and largely concentrated on the gaming console within the car.

However, as the car was seen on the test track, attendees did enjoy the delivery event. And though it was late, the 12v lithium battery ensures that the attendees won’t be needing to replace the battery soon.

Finally, the car continues to get different names, the plaid car, the most lust-worthy car, the ludicrous car, and many more.

However, there were some unexpected details too. Tesla first announced that the Plaid will have 420 or 412 miles range, but the final range was 405 miles range. And there was no talk about 4680 battery cells. However, Elon Musk mentions that the Tesla Model S Plaid can have 187 miles with 15 minutes charge. Which was impressive indeed.

Furthermore, the coefficient drag of Tesla model S plaid is 0.208, slightly more than the Mercedes drag, 0.20. Though both cars are incredible, the slight variation can mean Tesla’s second place.

All the small details don’t seem much for regular buyers. However, in long run the features impact sales. So it is possible that the Model X plaid will be a better version than this.




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