Tesla Model S Plaid Has 12V Lithium-ion Battery

As Tesla Model S Plaid deliveries started with the delivery event. The 12V lithium-ion battery detail, a small change by a significant one came to the limelight. Shifting from a traditional lead-acid battery, the car still is the fastest production car.

Charged EVs | Refreshed Tesla Models S and X to ditch lead-acid for Li-ion 12 V battery - Charged EVs

Usually, the lead-acid battery users tend to have the need to replace batteries 3 times a year. However, with a 12V lithium battery, the ion battery can bear the strain while driving the electric car for a longer duration.

Powering the car

The Tesla Model S Plaid is not just designed for the drive. But the batteries must be able to power the gaming console, interior lighting, the second screen at the back, and many more features. Also, the additional option of FSD autopilot upgrade would need more power from the battery.

While the traditional batteries can handle all the features, the longevity could be compromised. And Tesla is not the first one to opt for this option, others have been considering the lithium-ion battery.

Additionally, the previous owners of Tesla cars were seen to upgrade their battery system to lithium batteries.

Below is the tweet shared by @Tesla_Raj, showing the lithium battery. Back in 2019, the company applied for a lithium-ion battery patent for a 1 million-mile range.


Furthermore, the new low voltage battery has a 6.9 amp-hours rating for a 15.5v voltage. Earlier it was 33 amp-hour and 12V negative. It is expected that the future models, Cybertruck or Roadster will have the improved battery version.

The low voltage battery specs are as below,

Image credits- Tesla, Teslarati

Tesla has been working on storing up its raw materials too. Recently, there was a supply chain pressure, resulting in increasing prices of Model 3 and Model Y. And Tesla is going to invest $1 billion solely on battery materials in Australia.

It was a significant upgrade that could also be improved with further updates. As Model X Plaid is set to start deliveries by Jan/Feb 2022. It is a model most suitable for families where huge space requirements are a must. There are no details on the battery of Model X Plaid.

The event was a huge success as the attendees got to experience the Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid. Every part of the event is being celebrated as the pre-ordered owners are driving the cars. And the epic badge caught our attention too. Even after two days since the event, people are posting their experience of the drive on Twitter. Owning a Tesla Flagship Sedan is going to take a while to get old.