Tesla Roadster production to start in 2022, says Elon Musk

The Tesla Roadster is going to be a beast, and many enthusiasts are waiting for the car. Earlier Elon Musk said that the vehicle’s pre-production unit would be out by the mid of 2021. And now he has also confirmed on Twitter that the Tesla Roadster production would begin in 2022. The vehicle on its own will be a huge jump in terms of performance and technology. It will have even more insane specs when compared to the Tesla Model S plaid and plaid+.

Tesla Roadster features and technology

The most fascinating thing that I find about the vehicle is the technology used in it. It has been confirmed that the roadster will have rocket tech built-in. And Elon Musk even said on Twitter that the vehicle could fly “a little”. It is essential to note that the tweet is not some kind of metaphor but is literal.  Like the Tesla Model S plaid and plaid+, the Roadster can also do 0-60mph under 2 seconds. But using the thrusters it will have, the minimum acceleration time will be 1.1 seconds.

Tesla Roadster
Depiction of the Tesla Roadster

Other than that the vehicle will also be having a higher top speed at 250 mph. This is a 25% increase over the 200 mph speed of the plaid models. And all this power doesn’t come at the expense of mileage or range as we call it in EVs. The vehicle is going to have an impressive range of 620 miles and is rumoured to be priced at or above $200,000.

Tesla Model S plaid+ vs Tesla Roadster: which one should you get?

Tesla Roadster-6

To make it very clear that the fact that Tesla Roadster is using rocket technology doesn’t make the Model S plaid any less powerful. And for anyone who loves speed and power, they won’t be disappointed with either vehicle. But for anyone who wants the best among the best and the latest technology Tesla has to offer, Tesla Roadster is for them. Originally announced in 2017, the vehicle was a replacement for the first-ever EV made by Tesla, the original Roadster. But it got delayed until 2022.

The vehicle will also be the first to have lithium-ion batteries. According to Elon’s tweet, their goal is to finish engineering this year and start the production by 2022. But we are going to see a pre-production unit or a release candidate as Elon said somewhere during May or June. So, yeah I hope that answers the question of which vehicle should you go for.

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