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Tesla-Samsung Alliance Strengthens With Headlamp Deal

Samsung and Tesla’s alliance started in 2019 with Samsung electronics making FSD chips. On Sunday the news about their deal for smart headlamps came out. 


Image credits- Samsung LED


Tesla will be using the Samsung electronics LED Smart headlamps. As the LED lamps are modified, they will be supplying them to Tesla after going through a German company Hella. 

Smart headlamps from Samsung

It is reported that the manufacturing of headlamps has already begun. Then, the customers will be able to view the headlamps after the completion of mass production. Samsung has secured its partnership with Tesla. Eventually leading to their mark in the EV market. 

Furthermore, Samsung is one of the biggest smart-chip makers while Tesla was in search of an auto-parts manufacturer. As per their official website, they released the details of PixCell LED, as a smart headlight system. 

The LED light is designed in such a way that the specific light allows the driver to respond well to the light. This is especially helpful in tough weather conditions like fog or rain. 

As said by the senior vice president of the LED Business Team, Un Soo Kim, 

“Much more than a simple automotive lighting source. Samsung’s PixCell LED is based on new lighting technology designed to improve road safety and driving convenience.”

Furthermore, he added, 

“Beginning with PixCell LED, we will introduce tailored lighting solutions well-suited for future automobiles, including electric and autonomous vehicles.”

Working with Tesla

These headlamps developed by Samsung are suited for autonomous driving systems. During harsh weather conditions, such an advanced lighting system enhances safety. Samsung already being an expert in the semi-conductor business, has monolithically integrated small segments. As 100 ultra-small segments are embedded into a single chip. Then, the light emitted area is smaller, giving a clearer view. 

Tesla’s FSD chip is being manufactured by Tesla. Though the details are not fully known, it is said that Tesla is working with Samsung to being a better FSD chip. Also, the cameras in Tesla are being supplied by Samsung. 

The Austin manufacturing facility of Samsung is manufacturing FSD Chips. It is said that Tesla is asking the company to expand its Austin Manufacturing Unit. As Tesla is moving forward with its manufacturing facilities in Shanghai and Berlin, the demand will increase. 

Moreover, the Shanghai facility is working on recycling facilities too. The existing smart-chip demand is of concern for many manufacturers. Samsung is already working on the 14nm technology for smartphones. If their collaboration continues to work like this, the autonomous driving car by Tesla is going to be next level. As Elon Musk once said, “The problem lies in manufacturing production, not developing the technology.” 

Samsung has been in the industry for a long time, and it could be of added advantage for Tesla. 



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