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Musk Says Superchargers to be Solar Powered; Tesla Stock Price Up by 75% this Year!

tesla stock price

15 June 2017, India:

Tesla is on a roll this year! The stock price is up by a whopping 75% and is valued at $62 billion. The company has already surpassed the automobile giants GM, Ford, Honda and BMW.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is planning to go a step ahead and go solar. Musk said on Twitter that Tesla is currently installing solar panels and batteries at its Supercharger stations as part of that goal. By the end of 2017 Tesla says it will have more than 10,000 Superchargers globally.

“All Superchargers are being converted to solar/battery power,” Musk said. “Over time, almost all will disconnect from the electricity grid.”

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While it makes sense to add solar arrays and battery packs, it’s not clear why there would be a need to completely disconnect from the grid, which is often still useful – especially if net metering is available.

As per the report by CNN Money, Tesla is the second-most heavily shorted stock on the market right now, trailing only Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba and just ahead of Apple. Those two stocks have surged this year as well. Apple is up more than 25% and Alibaba has gained 55%. (Image- motoring.com.au)

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