Tesla Taps New Sustainable Glass Supplier, AGP

The family-led Peru-based glass supplier, AGP provides high-tech glazing solutions for vehicles. Tesla choosing AGP as its Glass supplier makes sense because the glass they make is cleaner and safer for futuristic vehicles.

Tesla has new glass technology for noise reduction, temperature control,  and more - Electrek
Image credits- Electrek

However, AGP denies giving information, when Teslarati tried to get in contact. It could be because the company supplied glass to 20 brands. It is a global company located in 30 different nationalities with 6 manufacturing plants. Also has 2 tech innovation centers.

Tesla glass

Often people ask what kind of glass Tesla uses. Every material used on Tesla cars is made sustainable as much as possible. Also, their recyclable batteries, animal-free leathers, and recyclable parts.

It is also known that Tesla plans to have a next-level manufacturing method. Where the car’s external body will be made in one piece, like a toy car manufacturing, instead of individual parts. For now, automation in the Fermont factory is being tested.

Tesla’s glass is also interesting, especially after Elon Musk demonstrated Cybertruk’s strength. How the rock didn’t go through the glass.


Not only Cybertruck but Tesla’s cars are known to be much stronger. Recently, a Scottish Football manager got into an accident but said he was saved because of the Tesla car. These incidents are incredible to watch and make us wonder who manufacturers the glass. Does Tesla make its own glass too?

AGP Glass

As Joey Klender from Teslarati mentioned, he came across a list of Tesla’s suppliers and saw AGP Group in the list. Individually, the company is a global supplier and has credentials on its own. So must be the reason for not responding to requests to talk about its supplies to Tesla.

Interestingly, the AGP Glass website states that the glass could be strong and bullet resistant. Also, they can provide solutions for military applications. They stated, “working closely with the companies leading tomorrow’s new wave of electric and autonomous vehicles”.

It is known that AGP has been Tesla’s supplier in 2016, and more details are not confirmed. But @Tesla_Raj from twitter posted on June 11th, that It could be possible that Tesla could achieve their drag coefficient for Tesla Model S Plaid with the glass provided by AGP. The air drag coefficient is important for speed.

Aerodynamics is a crucial part of Lucid Air achieving its speed. And the same goes for other cars. It is said that Tesla has a new supplier, AGP because the Tesla Plaid S took more time to start deliveries. This could be possible, however, considering Tesla’s focus on sustainable materials. AGP could have been delivering its glass to Tesla for a long now.