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Tesla to launch Powerwall & residential solar in China

Tesla Giga Shanghai started manufacturing electric vehicles last year. Most popular for Model 3 and Model Y sales, Tesla is now is launching residential solar systems. This includes Powerwall and Powerpack, which is an energy storage system designed for the domestic market.

Tesla battery

Tesla Battery. Image credits- Computerworld

By June 23rd, the residential energy systems are expected to be available, as posted by an official account on Weibo (a Chinese social media platform). On 23rd, there will be an event also including supercharging station promotion. As mentioned by Teslarati, Tesla solar storage system for domestic purposes could be related to large industrial projects. As the factory moves ahead with solar storage and charging stations, there is potential for more. Tesla charging stations are solar-powered, thus making them renewable energy-powered charging stations.

For now, the Powerwall is still unavailable to citizens in the country. Technically, the solar energy systems are still on the costlier side for Chinese citizens. For now, the Powerwall systems are to be imported and eventually manufactured in Giga Shanghai. As the Shanghai factory already uses most parts made locally, they could relatively manufacture at a cheaper rate.

Tesla China is crucial for Tesla’s global sales. However, Tesla solar energy system was most popular in Australia. On the other hand, Australia doesn’t have many Tesla cars. Interesting how Tesla Australia has challenges with car sales, and Tesla China has challenges with solar energy system sales.  Other than Australia and the US, Germany also has Tesla’s solar energy storage systems.

Hiring an engineer for the energy storage system

It was already hinted long back from Tesla when the job position for “Senior Reliability Test Engineer”. It was expected that they are going to start selling solar energy storage systems. To be clear, there are no further details on this aspect.

Tesla solar panels are considered unique, especially as they can be aligned to the roof. The technology is advanced, and Tesla has been working on having various colors for the panels. Though the panels are unique, the Powerwall is groundbreaking technology. For years, the problem of storing solar energy in residential homes was not commercialized. There are various problems like supply during nights and cloudy days is not available. Remote areas in Australia have been using Tesla Powerwall effectively, and some use it for 100% of their applications. At the same time, most residents use 90% of their power from Powerwall.

China has relatively cheaper options locally. It would be interesting to know how Tesla China would go ahead with energy solar system sales.





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