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Tesla’s 3000 mile Supercharger route across World heritage site, the Silk Road
The supercharger route covers 3000 mile route in China.

Tesla’s longest Supercharger route is located across the world heritage site, known as the Silk Route. It has 27 Supercharging stations and covers more than 3000 miles. It is the longest East-West Supercharger route in China. And it is only part of Elon Musk’s plan to cover 6,000 miles across Shanghai and London. For that, they are yet to cover certain parts across Asia, Middle East, and Europe.

Tesla opens longest Supercharger route from east to west along China's historic Silk Road

Image credits- Teslarati

Back in the olden days, China’s major trade Silk was exported through roadways. And that is how the Silk Road played an important role in developing China’s neighboring countries. As a result, it was named a World Heritage site by UNESCO in June 2014. It goes from India to London. However, the Tesla Supercharger route is from Shanghai to London.

Tesla greater China tweeted the promotional video about the supercharger route. It shows how Tesla owners can now travel worry-free up to some extent. Especially for the ones who want to travel long distances on their Teslas.

One catch here is that Tesla’s Superchargers can only charge Tesla cars. Thus giving Tesla a competitive advantage among the locals. China is progressing impressively towards electric cars. However, installing charging stations and other service centers takes years before covering remote areas. With a Supercharger route this long, it is most likely that Tesla will sell more cars this year.

Tesla in China

Tesla in China is going forward at a faster pace. Not only electric vehicles, but they are also going to sell solar energy systems too. This is a challenge because China has a cheaper power supply. So they are possibly testing the market for now.

Tesla to launch Powerwall & residential solar in China

Furthermore, Tesla already installed more than 6000 superchargers in China. Giga Shanghai can manufacture 10,000 supercharging stations in a year. More charging stations will likely come on the Silk Road to cover more areas.

Last year, Telsa installed only 600 superchargers. However, this year has been a blast with installations. Tesla’s world’s largest supercharging station is located in Shanghai, with 72 Superchargers. As Tesla models are selling fast in the market, it is natural that they install more charging stations.

Tesla supercharger is a 480V DC fast charging technology first introduced in 2012. As of February, Tesla is said to have installed 23,277 Superchargers all over the world. Furthermore, in June, Tesla applied for a restaurant trademark. Eventually, the charging stations are to have food made available, along with other entertainment options. With such an update in Supercharging network, Tesla might be one of the best EV charging stations.




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