The 1st Decentralized Blockchain-Based Hunting Metaverse: Released by MetaShooter on Cardano

According to the crew, those who enjoy hunting and want to be a part of the community will be satisfied with the following features:

  • When they win tournaments, achieve trophy collections, or engage in other hunting-related spending, players can earn token payments.
  • Experience genuine hunting with VR compatibility on the platform as they compete in tournaments while taking in the beautiful visuals.
  • Develop by constructing towers, purchasing hunting estates, generating passive income, and breeding NFT dogs.
  • In addition, they can improve and personalize themselves by upgrading their hunting gear. You may enhance your abilities and become a better hunter by utilizing the numerous hunting gear at your disposal. Some of the equipment you can use for successful hunting sessions include shotguns, pistols, bows, rifles, and knives.
  • On the platform, residents will encounter a variety of environments, realistic dynamics, and incredible visuals.

These are intended to make the user’s hunting experience memorable.

Objective of MetaShooter

Team members illuminated the thinking behind the hunting Metaverse project while also revealing its purpose: “One of our team’s objectives is to create a game that connects crypto and non-crypto worlds.” Modernizing the hunting sector is a huge but specialized market, much like the video gaming sector,” says MetaShooter.

To reach this objective, MetaShooter draws on the strengths of two multi-billion-dollar industries: blockchain technology and hunting.

Equipment Marketplace

The team of MetaShooter created a marketplace where members of the community can design customized weapons for improved accuracy or discover uncommon weapons like the F44 Champion, FS Ultra Zoom Scope, Stock, or 25*39 Long Range.

Users have a variety of customizable options to choose from in order to satisfy your unique hunting demands. You may also sell, melt, or forge your NFTs if you like.

Hunting Partners

The MetaShooter’s team understands the value of teamwork for a successful hunting trip. It allows members to hone their hunting skills and senses with NFT dogs with specialized tracking abilities and sensitivities that will allow you to find your trophies quickly. The goal is to assist customers increase their hunting abilities and boost their chances of success considerably.

Complement your hunting abilities by constructing and upgrading towers that will help you stay hidden and improve your visibility while shooting. You may also rent out hunting towers to other hunters who require them if you won’t need them regularly.

You’ll also be given the most up-to-date technology and equipment for spotting animals without giving them a clue, making your productivity and success rates skyrocket.

The team provides hunters with more sophisticated gear and bait to outsmart their prey and take them down quickly. Users may breed NFT dogs and sell them to eager hunters, allowing them to make money in the process. Selling NFT dogs will help you supplement your hunting revenue.

Hunters are not confined to a single hunting spot. They may roam freely throughout the MetaShooter world and marvel at amazing vistas and locations. Purchase NFT properties to begin your hunting excursion while also gaining money.

Bottom Line

The MetaShooter team has put a lot of thought into making their hunting experience as realistic and engaging as possible. With features like VR compatibility, an equipment marketplace, and hunting partners, they have managed to create a platform that will be enjoyed by hunters for years to come.