Windows 11

The announcement of Windows 11 release opens a window for responses and reactions on Twitter.

Microsoft has made an announcement and that has brought Twitter users on their tiptoes. As per the announcement made by the tech giant, Windows 11 is all set to release on the 5th of October. This new operating system is going to be a free upgrade for eligible devices. Although October 5 is named as the release date, it will not be a wholesome package. Windows users will not be strangers to this aspect because just like in the past, this upgrade will also be available step by step in phases. Here is the tweet that started a frenzy of reactions and responses on Twitter.

The What, When, and How

The upgrade will be offered to the eligible devices first following which it will be made available to other devices in the market. This will be in the course of the following months and weeks. The company expects the upgrade to provide the best possible experience to the users as it has drawn a lot of insights from in-depth research on Windows 10. It is estimated that by mid-2022, the upgrade will be made available to all the devices deemed eligible for the same.

The users of the present Windows 10 PCs will know the time of the availability of the update as soon as the Windows update notifies them. Another thing to be kept in mind is that although the upgrade will be released on the 5th of October, not all the promised features will be available since that will be a more gradual process. Particularly the feature where Microsoft is all set to bring Android apps to Windows 11. This feature that will be carried out in partnership with Amazon and Intel will also have to wait. Although a preview might be made available in the coming months, the actual feature will not be available till 2022.

Responses on Twitter

As soon as the release date was announced, Twitter started to brim with reactions and responses from all directions. Soon enough, Windows 11 shot to the trending list on Twitter. Let us take a look at some reactions and responses.

High on expectations.


That is some iron resolve right there. Or should I say, the resolve of a captain?

Talk about straightforward decisions. No “window” for doubt or confusion.

Walk down memory lane.

As they say “good things take time.”

The art of visualizing the abstract. Or is it just a random meme?

Let the excitement stay till the end.