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The Best video player for your Mac in 2021- Elmedia Player

Elmedia Player

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Everyone loves to use a MacBook or an iMac device instead of Windows, simply because of the seamless user experience and enhanced productivity that Apple’s ecosystem provides. If you are looking for a video player to run on your Mac that matches the system aesthetics and provides the same seamless experience as MacOS Big Sur, we recommend Eltima Publishing’s Elmedia.

The primary consideration that users must keep in mind while selecting a video player is its CPU load and how smoothly it may work on the device. The key factor is the size of the video player and Elmedia checks this box with its lightweight program that will run as smoothly as possible, even better than the native Apple QuickTime Player, supporting a much wider video format range.

Elmedia Player is a free multifunctional video player for Mac with a full set of premium features. Users can watch videos, listen to audio files, and stream them via Chromecast, AirPlay, Roku, and DLNA protocols without the need for any third-party software requirement. Elmedia Player is the best video player for Mac in 2021 and it also runs smoothly with MacOS Big Sur.

Eltima Publishing’s Elmedia Player: Features

Elmedia Player

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Elmedia Player for Mac is the best video player for Mac as its playback capabilities are beyond any other player in the market. There are several features that make Elmedia Player, the best in the competition:

1. Elmedia PlayMac Video Playerer for Mac Supports All Formats:

Elmedia Player supports all popular video playing media formats, and some of them are even less common; these formats include MP4, MP3, FLV, MPG, MKV, Blu-ray, MOV, AVI, DAT, FLAC, SWF, WMV, and M4V. The player supports several other audio and video formats for unencrypted media disks.

  • Complete Playlist Support-

Elmedia Player offers complete control over your files. You don’t have to open every single file, simply drag and drop your files into the app windows and it will add them to your active playlist. Make things easy with Elmedia Player, the best video player for Mac.

  • Full Playback Control-

With Elmedia Player installed on your Mac, you get full control over your video playback. You can regulate your playback settings even while it’s still playing. Users can also apply visual effects, add subtitles, bookmark, search frame by frame, and much more using Elmedia Player for Mac.

2.  Elmedia Player for Mac Supports AirPlay, Chromecast, and DLNA:

Are you a streamer? Do you like streaming videos and movies on your TV screen? If this is the case, Elmedia Player has got you covered. The best Mac Video Player allows you to cast your local content directly from a Mac to your Apple TV, Smart TV, Roku, and other supported devices that run on DLNA protocols, Chromecast and AirPlay.

Elmedia Player supports video streaming in high resolution including 4K and it also supports complete AirPlay 2 compatibility.

Elmedia Player

3. Elmedia Player for Mac comes with full Subtitle support:

Subtitles are important, especially when you are watching foreign content and it is better to have accurate subtitles that are placed just perfectly to not interrupt a user’s playback experience.

Elmedia Player lets you change how your subtitles look. You can stack them up to be downloaded simultaneously or manually as per your preference. The video player also syncs inaccurate subtitles with other tracks by adjusting their delay time.

4.  Elmedia Player for Mac offers complete video playback controls:

  • A Unique Flash Player for Mac:

Elmedia Player allows users to play SWF files and change the quality and privacy settings similar to how you would in the Flash Projector or any plugin.

  • MacBook Touch Bar Support:

Make the most out of your Touch Bar on MacBook Pro models. Use it to control your playback settings- Play, Pause, scroll back and forward, see elapsed time, and customize it to your preferences.

  • Video tuner:

Personalize and enhance your video viewing experience with Elmedia Player’s video tuner. You can adjust your brightness, contrast, gamma, saturation, and other viewing parameters with this in-built tool.

  • Take Screenshots:

If you like taking screenshots, do it more and do it often with Elmedia Player.

  • A-B Loop:

Play your video or audio as many times as you like with the A-B loop. This feature comes in handy when you have a single file to play on repeat.

  • Attune Audio with Video:

Elmedia Player automatically adjusts misaligned audio and fixes it while the video is still playing. Is there an easier way to do so?

  • Deinterlace Improvements:

Get rid of blurring, flickering, jaggies, and any other video-related defects by going to Deinterlace box in Elmedia Player preferences.

  • Picture in Picture Switch:

Have to reply to an urgent mail in the middle of a movie? No problem. Elmedia Player supports Picture-in-Picture to swiftly minimize your window into a mini player.

Elmedia Player

5. Elmedia Player for Mac: No Ads in Videos:

Advertisements ruin the user experience and Elmedia Player does not want that. The best video player for Mac- Elmedia Player improves YouTube videos watching experience by tenfold. No more annoying yourself over multiple 30 seconds ads every time you wish to watch a video.

Simply use the “Open Online Video” option to open the video directly into Elmedia Player and get rid of all the ads. Elmedia Player is the best available video player for Mac and features like this prove it.


The Best Mac Video Players:

There are hundreds of video players specially designed for Mac but only a few can reach the top ten and only one is awarded the Best Mac video player.

1. Elmedia Player:

Elmedia Player

Source: Twitgoo

Elmedia Player is at our top spot for the overall best free video player for Mac. It offers premium features and focuses on improving a user’s watching experience.


  • Hardware acceleration
  • AirPlay-supported
  • Extensive range of supported file formats
  • Playback personalization and customizable controls
  • Amazing Subtitle support with auto-fix feature
  • Easy to Use and Versatile
  • Supports wireless streaming capabilities


  • Works best on the latest Mac devices, limited support for older devices


2. JustPlay:

JustPlay is another versatile video player for Mac, offers a compact size with powerful features and capabilities.


  • Smaller footprint, less CPU load
  • Wide range of supported formats
  • Seamless 4K and 8K playback support
  • Supports macOS with Touch Bar integration


  • No Free version available, only paid
  • Limited Blue-ray capabilities


3. VLC Media Player:

VLC Player is the best video player available for Mac and Windows without a price tag.


  • Highly customizable, allows extensions and skins
  • Completely free with no ads
  • No spyware or user tracking
  • Supports popular video and audio formats


  • Inconsistent playback for 4K HD videos
  • Lacks a modern interface
  • Unreliable playback for DVDs


4. 5KPlayer:

5KPlayer is the simplest video player available in the market with Mac-friendly features.


  • Decent Ultra HD playback
  • Precision audio controls
  • Decent DVD support


  • Limited playback options
  • Laggy experience
  • Unpolished features


5. IINA:

IINA is the best video player for Mac in terms of the user interface.


  • Modern design, follows Apple’s design guidelines
  • Rich subtitle support
  • Complete browser extension integration and support
  • Supports all popular video formats
  • Supports ad-free YouTube playback


  • CPU heavy compared to other video players
Elmedia Player

Source: Twitgoo


After considering the top five video players for Mac out of several others in the market, the title for the best video player for Mac goes to Elmedia Player because of its combined Pros and Cons. The player is lightweight compared to other video players in the market, so less CPU load means no lags. If you have a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, Elmedia Player would work best for you because of its seamless integration with macOS Big Sur.

We recommend Elmedia Player among all the above-mentioned video players for Mac, considering its overall feature package, MacOS support, and user experience.










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