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Techstory in interview with Aaron Fernandez, Co – Founder, Kilowott

Aaron Fernandez

Mr. Aaron Fernandez, Co – Founder, Kilowott

What is the idea behind your company?

Kilowott offers consultancy and strategic support in customer journey mapping, customer experience process assessment and surveys, consulting, assessment, roadmap ideation and modelling with use cases, brand positioning and go-to-market strategies, brand identity development, concept design and prototyping. All strategies are customized as per real data analytics and right down to the minutest detail generated through innovative coding.

Kilowott’s vision is to blend digital and design seamlessly to craft enduring digital user experiences that have a direct impact on customers’ business outcomes. The company is led by the core philosophy of the founders, ‘to offer cutting-edge digital solutions in a global marketplace to enhance digital customer experience.

How does the company aim to make a difference in your customer’s business growth? What are the kind of tools/services your company provides to achieve that?

We recognized that there were very few companies that offered a whole spectrum of services within the IT-sphere. That’s where Kilowott steps in. Our USP lies in its consolidation of different services to create one single platform where the clients can get diversity of services. Our impeccable insights generated through an in-depth understanding of core markets gives us an advantage over various other generalists.

Kilowott creates customised digital interfaces and operational solutions by using design elements like CX, AR and VR as well as the latest technologies like analytics, AI, IoT and others to ensure customers’ business growth and profitability. We use an amalgamation of cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches to offer consulting and strategy services The desired outcome is achieved on the basis of real data analysis, down to the minutest details which are extracted through innovative coding. It helps the customers enjoy desired marketing, revenue generation and profitability success.

 Kilowott logo

How are these tools/services different from other market competitors?

We are a full-fledged IT services company offering 360-degree solutions. Our comprehensive offerings include solutions to enhance CX (customer experience), augmented reality, virtual reality, and next-gen technologies such as analytics, artificial intelligence, internet of things to provide digital interfaces to companies across verticals. Over the years, we have developed deep knowledge on verticals such as construction, fintech, pharma and automobile. We are spreading our reach and ideating on a variety of projects with a focus on problem-solving.

How have you impacted the businesses of your consumers?

Through the blend of innovation and creative thinking, Kilowott has crafted customized solutions for numerous clients, some in the Fortune 500 list, and has helped them benefit from superior customer and employee engagements.

I can outline two occasions where the organisation helped clients with digital solutions to execute their customer acquisition and engagement strategy.

In the first instance, we helped a reputed Dubai based group of companies with a global workforce of 3500 plus employees expand its global hospitality portfolio by creating bespoke digital operations and marketing solutions. 

The multi-million dollar global conglomerate that has a chain of luxury vacation properties, then present only in Dubai and Bali were looking for a partner to aid their expansion into new markets across the globe. They needed help in three areas: Rebranding, Customer Acquisition and Building Loyalty

The company was looking to work with a service partner that could not only help create the website but also deliver continued marketing support to increase brand awareness in the new markets alongside retaining and engaging the existing customers. 

The solution required the creation of a global messaging which could harness the existing customer base and drive loyalty. Being an agile, eager agency renowned for disruptive digital technologies, outcome-driven and creative solutions, Kilowott matched their search. We worked closely with them in a consultative manner to understand their objectives and precisely assess their stakeholder needs.

The solution we created was based on a deep understanding of the markets where the client planned to expand. The research and insights were then used to undertake the rebranding exercise. It enabled us to create a messaging foundation, and establish a communication hierarchy for website development. 

Another of our clients was the ‘Wendell Rodricks’ brand, a renowned fashion label from India. The fashion designer label wanted to expand their global digital reach and improve online presence with youth as a target segment. Wendel Rodricks has been an icon, pioneer and visionary in many ways. Hailing from Goa, he was deeply connected to the culture of the state. The world lost a wonderful human being with his passing away a while ago. We are deeply grateful to be able to have worked closely with him and his team.   

In order to build the desired online presence for the client, the design and creation of a custom-made website were undertaken in collaboration with Kodework, the web development agency we had at the time. In 2020 we realigned some of the verticals including Kodework into a single entity – Kilowott.  Subsequently, a website with press articles, blog posts, and information about the client’s latest collections was launched. It also had a fully functional E-shop integrated into it. In essence, a feature-rich website offering a blend of a museum and a boutique was created for online visitors. 

The brand awareness was boosted by digital campaigns to connect with luxury and slow fashion enthusiasts. Social media marketing, brand positioning and ad campaigns were used to drive traffic to the website.

While designing the website and creating social media strategies, it was felt that the client’s social media presence was not strong and impactful enough. Thus, alongside generating the traffic for the website, a holistic revamp of the existing social media pages of the client was carried out. The content’s aesthetic appeal was beautified to match the impact that matched the brand’s work. A combination of grids and minimalistic colour palettes was deployed to transform the ‘brand’s look on Instagram.

These are just two of the examples of how we used market insights, client preferences, business objectives, creativity and cutting-edge technologies to ensure that our clients stay ahead of the competition.

 Kilowott Team

What is your approach to the digital solutions that give you an edge?

Kilowott offers mobile applications, full-stack, gamification, wearable applications, user experience interface, web design and development. It also developed ngX Framework, a proprietary digital tool that helps in executing its projects. 

We foresee growth in gaming & animation, data analytics, robotic process automation and wearable segments globally, in the near future. 

Tell us about the future products and any ideas in the pipeline?

There is a significant uptick in the quantum of interest in brands wanting to expand their digital presence across geographies. We saw an opportunity and have realigned our strategy to meet the needs of the global business community. The company has realigned some of its verticals – Creometric, Kodework, Fat Hamster Studio and Nine Stack. Pooling its strength into one, Kilowott is now a design and technology powerhouse that offers digital transformation services, innovative solutions to digital challenges and best-in-class user experience design to craft enduring customer experiences. 

The company is currently 150+ strong and there are plans to make it a 500+ team with a global footprint. The company’s long-term plans are to become a global tech powerhouse rooted in Goa.

 Kilowott Team

What is your vision of the company?

Kilowott’s vision is to blend digital and design seamlessly to craft enduring digital user experiences that have a direct impact on customers’ business outcomes. The company is led by the core philosophy of the founders, ‘to offer cutting-edge digital solutions in a global marketplace to enhance digital customer experience.’



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