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Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Coming In Early 2022

Tiny Tina's Wonderland

The Borderlands universe is no stranger to absurdity, and now one of the most popular characters is ready to take the next level. In Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, a new standalone game from Gearbox, players will explore a fantasy world brought to life by Tiny Tina. Following the success of Borderlands 3 in 2019, Tiny Tina takes the Borderlands universe into a fantasy realm in this stand-alone game, giving players a new co-op campaign centered around stories for up to four players.

The latest 2K Gearbox title Tiny Tinas Wonderland is an epic adventure set in an unpredictable fantasy world where magic, swords, and bullets collide. It is a fantasy loot shooter with a messy twist, with a prominent cast. Tiny Tiny Tiny Wonderlands, an all-new standalone game that will be released in early 2022, was unveiled today by 2K as part of E3 2021.

Players can create and customize multi-class characters and unleash monsters that lurk in treasure-filled dungeons. The game is set to be released to the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC, and as with other Borderlands titles, it features a story-driven co-op campaign for four players at once.


Tiny Tina’s Wonderland promises repeatable endgame content and action that never stops. It’s not a direct Borderlands sequel, spin-off, expansion, or complete stand-alone game, according to Burch, who took to the stage with founder and host Geoff Keighley at this summer’s Game Fest. Wonderland is a standalone game that is not tied to the Borderlands franchise.

Gearbox Software has unveiled a Borderlands spin-off called Tiny Tina’s Wonderland. Announced over the summer, the game is a spin-off of the Borderlands franchise, described as an imaginative, medieval version of the series. Gearbox Interactive and 2K Games have announced Tiny Tinias Wonderland, a spin-off title from the Borderlands series.

Borderlands Tiny Tina will finally get her own spin-off game, Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, Gearbox announced during the Summer Games Fest kickoff live streams. Announced at the Geoff Keighley Summer Games on 10 June 2021, the Borderlands spinoff, titled Tiny Tiny Wonderlands, is described as a highly imaginative battle against a predator and is confirmed not to take place in the Borderlands universe. Gearbox Software announces Wonderlands Tiny Tinas Wonderland.

Tiny Tina's WonderlandAs a spin-off of Borderlands and due for release in early 2022, the game will feature the voices of Andy Samberg, Wanda Sykes-Arnett, and Ashley Burch who will return to sing the titular Tiny Tina. Despite its connection to the original game, it is not considered a Borderlands game.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, touted as a great talent in the singing department, features Andy Samberg (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Thelonelyisland), Will Arnett (Arrested Development, BoJack Horseman), and Wanda Sykes as Burch, who reprises her role as Tiny Tina. Mad Tiny Tina, played by prolific actress Burch, made her debut in Borderlands 2, whipping up the colorful explosions and snarling, obnoxious dialogue. Ashley Burch (introduced in the spin-off Borderlands franchise) is back for Tiny Tiny Tiny Wonderlands, and Geoff Keighley returns to reprise his role as Tina.

Tiny Tina's WonderlandThis DLC serves as a springboard, but you don’t need any Borderlands knowledge or experience to enjoy Tiny Tinas Wonderland. What we get here is a story about how Borderlands, the critically acclaimed narrative adventure game from Telltale, is very different from Mainline Borderlands. Wonderland is based on the imaginative Borderlands 2, which spiced up the colorful explosions and grumpy, arguably disgusting dialogue, but in this DLC, crazy Tiny Tina (voiced by prolific actress Ashly Burch) attacks dragons and repeatedly transforms the game into a mythical tabletop role-playing adventure with a weapon.

We will learn more about Tiny Tina’s Wonderland this summer, and we expect the game to be released sometime in 2022. We will certainly keep an eye on the game and share all updates of Gearbox 2K as they arrive.

Gearbox founder Randy Pitchford said Tiny Tinas Wonderland has been in development for over 10 years. After speculation about the game for the last six months, it was determined that “Wonderland” and “Tiny Tina Wonderland” were protected by EUIPO on 4 December 2020.

Tiny Tina's WonderlandThe trailer ends with Tiny Tina herself appearing to add her name to the title and asking the audience to take the initiative, a nod to Dungeons & Dragons and its Borderlands counterpart, Bunker Badass, a game she played in Borderlands 2 DLC Assault on the Dragon Keep. For those familiar with the Borderlands franchise, Tiny Tina is probably best known for being known as Tiny Tina, the best of the Borderlands NPCs.

This is the place for you if you’re looking for a world where bullets, magic, and swords collide in a chaotic fantasy world – a world brought to life by Tiny Tina and a star-studded cast. But before you have to worry about the chaos in which Tiny Tina comes to life.

Borderlands fans also get their money’s worth when Tiny Tina appears on their screens at events.



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