Top 10 Interesting Gambling Tech Startups

With the advancements in gambling and sports betting technology, we can see that the industry is truly moving in the right direction. There are plenty of innovative companies to thank for these developments. These gaming tech startups saw the need for change and took active steps to make those steps feasible by taking a productive approach.

Below, we will highlight ten of the top gambling tech startups as we look into what they do and how they contribute to their quota in the gambling industry. 


This business combines interactive online gambling and esports to create an exciting social experience. The sports betting industry can be a little dogged and competitive because people are looking out to win bets and earn. However, with platforms like FanUp, you can turn the fun up a little while doing what you love. 

Whether it’s fantasy sports or any other type, FanUp has an opportunity for you. You will also enjoy huge cash prizes, regular promotions, VIP bonuses, and so on. This app is only available for download on iOS, while others can access it via the web. 


Some gamblers are active participants in sports betting but have no real luck or knowledge of how to make big bucks like everyone else seems to be doing. MatchBets is a unique betting exchange that pits gamblers against each other for an opportunity to earn real money.

If you want to earn money without having to deal with larger sports betting companies, this is one of the top gambling startups you can invest in. They are peer-to-peer sports for casino sites. 

If betting is not your go to option, and you are looking for something where you don’t have to stake too much, turn to low risk online casino games instead. To help you choose the best platform, we have a recommendation that has been properly vetted and researched to offer the most reliable games and sports books. Check out the $5 deposit online casino NZ sites reviews that allow players to make a minimum deposit and enjoy all the amazing deals. With just $5, attractive odds and predictions are at your fingertips tips. 


Did you ever think gaming operators have a software provider? They do! Huddle is a software provider company for trusted operators around the globe. They provide these tech companies with the artificial intelligence needed to grow while lowering risks. Huddle builds software that effectively monitors expertise and helps creators stay ahead of the competition. 

Game creators are one of the essential aspects of casinos. They produce all the exciting games you play, including in-game bonuses and spins. Gamblers often ask What are the Easiest Casino Games to Win? The answer is subjective and dependent on your expertise. However, slot games are a major favorite because they come with high RTPs and quick payouts. 


This is another major startup that has changed gaming’s tech setup for years. Established in 2008, they allow you to make predictions and earn at your convenience. They operate two main services; the Smarkets exchange and SBK. With these services, they have built their predictions platform and created an app that delivers odds by drawing prices from the exchange. 

Huuuge Games 

This modern software provider provides you with high-end games in different categories. They aim to become one of the biggest game platforms in years to come. They understand the core of mobile gaming and create easy games that can be played with friends and finished in minutes.

The Huuuge Games are not gambling games. However, if you want to bet or gamble, there are several options. You can find equally exciting games in the reviews of Casino Classic 1 NZ, a gambling platform that allows you to make a low deposit to access their extensive casino library of games and bonuses. 


Founded in London in 1995, the Gaming Account Network is an operator for turnkey online casinos and sports betting sites. Besides games publishing, distribution, and marketing, the company’s portfolio includes 3 major products. They offer a real money gaming platform of the same name. There is “Gamestack” – a back-end platform to deal with payment transactions, cross-continental service provision, and personal data verification. Another product is “Simulated Gaming” which is a custom-made monetized social casino platform.

Bettor Publishing 

This digital media company specializes in publishing content that connects gamblers with trusted betting operators. It targets iGaming commerce, helps gamblers make smarter and more attractive predictions, and cut their losses. 

Since its inception in 2020, they have assisted a lot of gamblers in gaining extensive coverage of sports betting, and casino games. With their publications, it is easy to follow your bets and determine the next big prediction. 

OmniView Sports 

To effectively make accurate betting predictions on any sport, you need extensive coverage and background knowledge of that sport. With OmniView, you can watch your favorite teams play for as long as you like while learning all their strengths and weaknesses to help you make value bets. OmniView offers a customized experience, so you can personalize your watch time to your convenience. 


Gamblers face numerous problems with finding true gambling sites. The market is amassing billions of dollars yearly, and scams are on the loose, looking to have a cut of it. For newbies, finding a trustworthy platform has to be the hardest part of all. However, with CopyRage, you won’t have to worry about investing in the wrong sites anymore. This agency connects users to the trade without being directly involved in it. This is what sets them apart from their competitors. 


Finding skilled bookies for your online wagers can also be confusing, especially for newbies. Some bookies are only after personal interests and might not work in favor of their customers. However, this BetMap agency was created to help you find and compare local sportsbooks in your environment. Only reliable and trusted bookmakers are found on the site, so you can be assured of transparency and trustworthiness. 


The gambling market has grown, and tech has been a big part of that growth. These startups mentioned above are among the best and have contributed in one way or another. They know all the limitations and setbacks plaguing the market and have taken steps to relieve users of these problems. 

If you are a betting enthusiast, you must check out these startups and subscribe for all-round convenience when playing your favorite sport. We particularly recommend OmniView because of the extensive match coverage it gives their subscribers. To earn, you have to place value wagers, and this can be done with the coverage OmniView provides.