Top 8 smartphone deals on the black Friday sale 2020!

The black Friday sale starts tomorrow! And if you have been thinking about upgrading to a new smartphone there cannot be a better time. There are going to be huge discounts on top smartphones across all brands and budgets, both unlocked and with carriers. To help you guys out and save some of your time we thought it would be best to make a list of the top smartphone deals on the Black Friday sale 2020. So, yes, let’s start!

Top 8 Black Friday sale 2020 deals

1) Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Black friday sale 2020
Image Source: 9to5Google

The latest note lineup by Samsung is the most premium device by them yet. And there is basically nothing to complain about even if one nitpicks about small things. It has an excellent 6.9-inch screen with high resolution and fast refresh rate. At the same time, the device also has exceptional cameras, the best by Samsung and arguably the best in any smartphone. The device will be available for $1,100($200 off) during the Black Friday sale on Samsung’s official site.

2) Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Black friday sale 2020
Image Source: Samsung

Well, if you are not into boxy designs, then the S20 Ultra is an excellent alternative to the Note 20 Ultra. The major thing you miss out on choosing the S20 Ultra is the S-pen and a marginally better processor. But honestly, the difference is going to be negligible. And the S20 ultra also has somethings that the Note doesn’t offer like the 108-Mp camera and the 100x space zoom. It will be available for $1200($200 off) on Samsung’s official site,

3) OnePlus 8 pro

black friday sale 2020
Image Source: Mashable

If you want the best android experience ever, minus the best cameras, then the Oneplus 8 pro is going to offer you that. It has a gorgeous quad-HD, 120 Hz display with the Snapdragon 865 processor for great performance. Though the device has good cameras though it falls behind the competition, but a casual camera person won’t notice. Apart from that, the Oxygen OS experience, 30-watts fast wired and wireless charging and an IP 68 rating make it a magnificent device. The device will be available for $800($200 off) during the Black Friday sale.

4) OnePlus 8

Image Source: Pocket-lint

Don’t have $800 for getting the best android experience then well $499 can get you 95% of the same. Yes, I am talking about Oneplus 8 pro’s sibling the Oneplus 8. Everything about the device is almost the same as the 8 pro except a few things. Starting with the display the OnePlus 8 has a Full-HD 90Hz panel, the cameras are also not as great and yes it lacks wireless charging and an IP rating. But, since it has the same processor as the OnePlus 8 Pro and yes oxygen OS, the experience will be almost similar. The device will be available for $499($200 off) during the Black Friday sale.

5) Google Pixel 5

Black Friday sale 2020
Image Source: Business Insider

Are you looking for the best camera experience? If the answer is yes then Google Pixel 5 is the way to go during the black Friday sale 2020. The device is powered by a mid-range snapdragon 765g chipset and has a 6-inch 90Hz OLED panel. But the main focus of the device is its dual-camera setup. The primary camera is a 12-Mp sensor with dual pixel autofocus, while the second one is a 16-Mp ultrawide lens. The device generally sells for $700 but will be available for $650 during the Black Friday. And if you are okay with having a Verizon sim than boom you get an additional $150 discount making the price $500($200 off).

6) Google Pixel 4a 5g

Google Pixel 4a 5G
Image Source: TechRadar

Getting one of the best cameras in any device(including flagships) for $300 is the best thing that can happen to a camera enthusiast. Comparing to the google pixel 5 the 4a 5g has a weaker processor, no fast refresh display, a single camera and an inferior build. The device generally sales for $499, but during the Black Friday sale it will be selling for $299($200 off). Do note that you have to make the purchase using Google Fi MVNO service.

7) Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
Image Source: Android Authority

When you hear the term Fan edition and a cheaper price tag, the thought that comes to find is a very inferior device. But that’s not actually the case with the S20 FE. Yes, it is a toned-down version of the Galaxy S20 lineup but the things that were changed doesn’t make the experience of using the device inferior. Comparing to the S20 lineup the device has a plastic build, a Full-HD display, cameras that are excellent but not as good and a less premium aesthetic. But since it is way cheaper than the S20 so yes its a good device. It will be available for $600($100 off) during the Black Friday sale.

8) Moto G stylus

Moto G Stylus
Image Source: Engadget

For anyone looking for a stock android experience at a budget price, the Moto G stylus is the perfect option. The device comes with a snapdragon 665 processor, 4GB RAM and a 5000 mAh battery. It comes with a Full-HD display and also has a triple camera setup with a 48 Mp primary sensor. The device will be available for $200($100 off) during the Black Friday sale.

These deals were my top picks among the hundreds of devices that one can purchase at a good price during the sale. Let us know which is your favourite one from the list and if you have someone recommendation, let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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