Former US President Donald Trump's NFTs are down 80% in 2 weeks

Trump’s NFTs seem to be a rip-off from small clothing brands

Donald Trump recently released his own NFT collection, which sold out very quickly. The top NFT in his collection went for more than 20 ETH, and the average price was still more than twice the minting price of $99. Some people also minted multiple NFTs to get assured tickets to meeting Donald Trump for dinner, golf, or over a video call. However, now it seems that Trump’s NFTs are just a rip-off from small clothing brands.

Are Trump’s NFTs copied?

If you have looked at Trump’s NFTs, you will know that they are poorly edited images of him in different attires and looks. He calls it the “amazing art of my Life & career.” I believe that the only reason it sold out was the minimal base price of $99 and Trump’s name. Still, that doesn’t save him from the internet.

Most of these images are based on pictures on the internet. You can find them using reverse image searches. It is also possible that the company behind the NFT collection didn’t even bother to make these images and just used simple AI to generate them.

Trump's NFTs seem to be a rip-off
Image Source: Yahoo

Here you can see the left image is a replica of the right one except for the colour and a few other details. If you notice closely, the smaller details on both images are similar. Like the creases in the coat or the way, the hands are positioned. The right image is an image of a product from a costume shop in California. It doesn’t seem like that even their permission was taken to use these photos in the NFTs.

Trump’s claims

After selling these poorly made and copied NFTs to his fans, Trump still wants everyone to believe that he is better than Lincoln and Washington. He also thinks that the prize of having dinner with him is great. It is also important to note that Trump’s NFTs are his personal venture and has nothing to do with his political journey. Plus, the company that is behind these NFTs is also shady and does not have proper addresses or offices.

What are your thoughts as Trump’s NFTs seem to be a rip-off of cheap clothing brands? And do you think this collection is only going to downgrade his image? Let us know in the comments below. And, if you found our content informative, share it with your family and friends.

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