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Twitter vs Discord is the new attention-grabber in Twitter town.

Twitter is not a stranger to different things or people or companies being pitted against one another. Although it sounds a bit daunting, the results are quite hilarious with Twitterati unleashing their meme-making prowess to the fullest. And today, the two parties pitted against one another are Twitter and Discord. Quite the poetic way indeed. Creating a twittering discord among users through humor. And not so surprisingly, Twitter vs Discord has made it to the trending list. If you don’t remember Discord had already made it to the trending list with a chain of memes as netizens expressed discord for the new font. And today the axis point for memes is the profile picture. As some wise minds say, it is always better to not delve into the depths of certain things at certain times. So let us take a look at the lighter matter aka memes.

Responses on Twitter

Memes never stop gracing the grounds of Twitter. In fact, memes have evolved to become a primary part of discourse and dialogue on Twitter as it comprises the right amount of wit, sarcasm, and irony. The perfect ingredients for satire. Now let us take a look at the witty memes that have been frequenting Twitter ever since Twitter vs Discord made it to the trending list.

How about we play a game of spot the difference?

Perhaps it is my muddled brain, but coming to a conclusion seems like a daunting task right now.

Are you among those humans who really don’t think much about variety when it comes to profile pictures? Or do you not care for profile pictures at all and leave a void?

Different ways to channel displeasure. Seems like the user is not really fond of the new font.

Did we read it wrong or did he write it right?




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