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Twitter witnesses a flurry of responses as Musk takes yet another jibe at Bezos.

Twitter witnesses a chain reaction of responses as Elon Musk takes yet another jibe at Bezos with his tweet. Business rivalry is not a new aspect. And netizens aren’t strangers to the bitter rivalry between Bezos and Musk. After all, being at the top of two leading companies focusing on the same field does call for some good old competition. And this is not the first time that Musk has unleashed his tweets on Jeff Bezos. They say sarcasm is the sharpest weapon that can make a deep cut. If that is true, Musk definitely has some “deep cuts” to his credit. This time, in his tweet, Musk went on to say that, “Bezos retired in order to pursue a full-time job filing lawsuits against SpaceX.” Here is the tweet.

The What and Why

Elon Musk is clearly not happy with the fact that Bezos is directing extreme enthusiasm at filing lawsuits against his company, SpaceX. Let us not forget that Blue Origin, Bezos’ space firm went on to sue NASA in response to losing a very important government contract to SpaceX. Perhaps it is a clear case of sour grapes. However, it also had the effect of putting a lag on SpaceX’s work. For the uninformed, the contract was concerned with putting astronauts on the Moon. And now, to add fuel to the fire, Amazon pressured the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) to not comply with the plans submitted by SpaceX that deal with the launch of yet another group of satellites. These satellites are to be used to facilitate the powering of Starlink, the satellite internet service. Although the latest complaint is not an official lawsuit, it does express protest against the process. And it doesn’t seem like Amazon wants an absolute halt to the process. Rather it is asking for better clarity concerning the plans.

As soon as Musk’s tweet made its presence known, responses began to flow in. After all, a normal tweet from Elon Musk unleashes a flurry of responses. Add to it some good old rivalry, the speed is magnified. Let us take a look at the spectrum of reactions and responses.

Everybody thinks it is a clear case of sour grapes.

That is a rather bizarre request.

No, nobody is laughing.

That is a really good question with a really good answer.

Well, cannot be denied that they do sound like fifth-graders at times.


Now that is what you call, point-blank criticism.

Well, it is always a matter of choice.