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US agencies blame Russia for the SolarWinds hack

A while back, there was a SolarWinds attack that compromised the US federal government. And now official reports say that the US agencies blame Russia for the entire SolarWinds hack. They believe that Russia was linked to the IT group that was responsible for the attack. The FBI, NSA, CISA has all the agencies have considered Russia to be the prime figure behind this attack. Do note that even non-government agencies like Cisco were also affected by this attack. Presently, the agencies are trying to gather more information on the same before taking the necessary steps.

About the SolarWinds hack

The hack was done using the Solarwinds Orion software that was used as a medium to get into the systems. A lot of government agencies including the  Energy Department’s National Nuclear Security Administration have also confirmed being affected by the hack. They found out that the hackers were actually present in their systems since March. According to a filing by SolarWinds about 1k of their customers were affected. Even though the government has time and again accused Russia for the hack the government has denied those claims.

US agencies blame Russia for the solarwinds attack

Image Source: CNBC.com

Joe Biden said that the hack might pose a great danger to US national security. While talking about the same former attorney general Willian Marr says that he thinks Russia is behind the attack. It also goes with the long history of Russia’s Cyber activities that attempt to disrupt the security and peace of other nations.

What steps were taken regarding the hack?

As of now, the authorities are taking steps to investigate the attacks and finding out the solution to the damage done. While on the other hand, as Microsoft has been compromised, the company has informed users that were particularly being targeted by the hackers. Investigations are also ongoing to find out if the hack was actually linked with Russia. The House Intelligence Committee chairman also urges the government to take the necessary steps in order to prevent such attacks in the future. There is also an increased need to coordinate with private companies to strengthen government networks.

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