US Catholic Churches are accepting crypto donations
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US Catholic Churches are accepting crypto donations

Now you can please god with crypto, as US Catholic Churches are accepting donations via digital assets. The roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., has partnered with a new platform called Engiven that allows them to accept crypto donations. They will use the funds to grow their ministries and implement new initiatives. This is interesting because not all religions have taken to crypto positively. Islam has been one of them, having sanctioned the use of crypto as offerings.

Catholic Churches and their views of crypto

The Vatican, which is the official resistance of the Pope, hasn’t made any comment on the use of cryptocurrencies for making donations. So, they haven’t issued any notice for allowing crypto use. Many dislike the idea of crypto because it made many people rich who invested in these digital assets early. And now they can exchange their so-called “artificial wealth” for real goods, services and lands.

While a section of Catholics believe that crypto will uplift the poor, this is because, in the case of the dollar, the US can print money anytime, which leads to inflation and disrupts the poor. The value of their money decreases drastically as the prices of essentials rise. With crypto, especially Bitcoin, this problem can be overcome as no one can print more money or bring more tokens to the market.

Crypto donations

The Executive director of Development in the Archdiocese of Washington, Joseph Gillmer, said they aim to incorporate technology to enhance its communication with parishioners, making it more convenient for them to spread the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. Engiven has contributed to fulfilling the Church’s mission by creating a cryptocurrency donation platform that is both advanced and user-friendly. It allows the faithful to contribute to over 300 parishes, schools, and ministries in the wider Washington, D.C., area.

The platform offers a variety of donation options to those interested, and there are also initiatives like the community food program.

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