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US crypto survey shows a 50% participation in investments in 2021

A recent US crypto survey shows a 50% participation in investments in 2021 showing the huge FOMO the masses had. Most of them said that they invested in the first 6 months of 2021. This also shows that the adoption of cryptocurrencies is on the rise in the US. Talking about the survey, it was conducted by Bakkt and shows a really positive picture. And as time passes we can expect these numbers to increase.

The US crypto survey

The survey was conducted by the digital assets platform Bakkt. Almost 2000 consumers participated in the survey and nearly 50% of them said that they invested in crypto in 2021. The data also shows the gender, race, age, and education of the consumers who invested in crypto. At the same time, they disclosed how much crypto do they own in a particular range.US crypto survey shows a 50% participation in investments

19% of the consumers owned $100 or less in crypto, while 17% owned between $101-$500. Then we have serious investors who own between $501-$1000 and this amounted to 7% while 5% had over $1000 in crypto. This data shows that most of the people are in the crypto space just for fun or FOMO. As their amounts are seriously small and would hardly do any difference. Yes, it is good people are investing what they have but still anything below $250 is going to be a very small investment.

Some other metrics

Coming to the idea behind these investments, we have 58% of people looking at crypto as a long-term bet while 43% of them would be happy to take a short-term profit. Then we have people who would like to make purchases online or in-person by paying with cryptocurrencies. They amount for nearly 24% and 12% of the consumers respectively. Another surprising metric was found to be the lack of knowledge regarding crypto in general. Out of the total respondents, 40% didn’t know that they could buy a part of a coin.

All this data suggests that we have come a long way in terms of adoption. But since, there is still little knowledge regarding crypto in general it is important to create awareness regarding the same.

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