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Valentine’s Day Special: Why You Should Stop Sharing Relationship Status On Facebook

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In this Digital Era, we have now reached a phase of “Digital Love” or should I rather say – “Facebook Love.”

With the end of this conventional valentine week, Facebook can again analyse for you the number of official relationships as well as the number of secret relationships. Not just that, Facebook can actually tell you the count of the number of potential relationships too.

Basically, you may not be aware about your future relationships, but Facebook surely does. This amazing technology by Zuckerburg can now tell you everything which probably you may not even know about yourself.

Love Is In The Air By Facebook

According to the Facebook data team on pattern in user’s data, people generally prefer to get official on either of the days between Sunday and Tuesday.

In the beginning of the decade, Facebook had published a blog post on the patterns observed for people falling in love. In general, it saw a net gain in relationships after the weekend — Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were the biggest days for new romance. Relatively more break-ups happened leading up to the weekend, peaking on Friday and Saturday among people in the older age groups. Among younger people (those under 25), this weekly pattern was similar but temporally shifted just a bit, with the low point in net relationship growth coming on Thursday and Friday, followed by a slightly earlier weekend bump starting on Saturday.

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Image Source: Facebook Data Team

In a separate research conducted a couple of years back, the Facebook team has observed that a peak of 1.67 posts per day 12 days before the relationship begins, and a lowest point of 1.53 posts per day 85 days into the relationship. Presumably, couples decide to spend more time together, courtship is off, and online interactions give way to more interactions in the physical world.

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Image Source: Facebook Data Team

Also, the team came up with specific dates on which the percentage of people declaring their relationships officially is the highest. The dates are

  • February 14: 49 percent more new relationships
  • February 15: 22 percent more new relationships
  • December 24: 28 percent more new relationships
  • December 25: 34 percent more new relationships

Adding to this list on the 5th number stands- 1st April namely the April Fools Day. Apparently the facebook data analyst guys also noticed that the most number of breakups happen right after the next day.

Funny ehh ??

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The question which arises here is how do these guys predict your potential relationships.

I have the answer for you guys

So when asked to the Facebook team as to how do they predict the potential relationships or how are they aware of the secret relationships in a person’s life, the team had only one answer to share.

The team pored its attention towards the relationships that get official after sometime. They noticed their activities properly and came up with a conclusion that right before a person is about to get into a relationship or right before a person is about to declare their secret relationship as an official relationship, the counter-parts start sharing posts on each other’s timeline. Also they start tagging each other on various posts.

Smart data analysts INDEED.

But why is this of so much concern ? I have the answer to this one too. So the point is that if facebook is aware of your potential relationships or your closeness towards a person or your secret relationship per say, it can actually develop some technology in future.

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The question in your mind should be- How is that technology of any use?

I will tell you. So now there can be some cases wherein one of the person dies or commits suicide or get killed by someone. Now what Facebook would do is collect all the information from that person’s timeline and give that info to the police. Also, with their developed technology, they can actually tell who is that person’s closest mate.

This could turn out to be both beneficial as well as a loss-making deal. The actual person in the vicinity can come into picture as well as an innocent person could be questioned.

Anyway, that is something which could happen in the future. For now my suggestion, if you don’t want facebook to track every terse detail of your personal life- STOP SHARING or SHARE SMARTLY !!

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