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Vodafone Idea eyeing metaverse opportunities: CMO
Vodafone Idea eyeing metaverse opportunities ... to see how it evolves,” said Avneesh Khosla, chief marketing officer, Vodafone Idea.


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In the Metaverse, Vodafone Idea NSE 1.14 percent (Vi) is reportedly looking for methods to improve the service it provides to its clients, according to sources. Telecommunications operators are working hard at this time to halt the loss of subscribers and regain their market share. Vodafone Idea’s chief marketing officer, Avneesh Khosla, stated, “We are intensively analyzing this nascent technology to see how it develops.” Our research into this emerging technology continues apace, according to the company. This new technology has piqued Vi’s interest, and she is eager to watch how it progresses.

On ET, Khosla stated, “We feel it has the power to engage with individuals and enrich their digital experiences.” Several businesses will benefit from a more immersive experience in the Metaverse, including gaming, retail and educational services. Immersive experiences were an “imperative” of the ecosystem of devices growing in size and economy of scale as quickly as possible, according to Khosla, to achieve critical mass. If an ecosystem didn’t achieve critical mass, this “imperative” would have been put in place.

Airtel, a competitor in the country, became the first telecom company in India to join Metaverse with its Xstream multiplex. The Metaverse, on the other hand, is expected to handle business-to-business and business-to-consumer interactions differently. By the end of this year, 5G services are projected to be accessible via this platform, which will benefit customers. These services would be available to customers. Customers aren’t clamouring for 5G at the moment,” says Prashant Singhal of EY’s global technology, media, and telecommunications emerging markets (TMCEM) division.

The more bandwidth and faster speeds you provide, the more likely it is that users will take use of such features. According to our findings, this was also the case with 4G. Future income is predicted to come mostly from business-to-business sales (B2B) channels. Metaverse application cases are expected to be developed by the telecom sector in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders, according to industry analysts. Telecom business solutions might greatly benefit from Metaverse’s use of video conferencing. Many telecommunications firms from across the world have turned to the Metaverse for solutions to a variety of issues. Race data may be examined in real-time by employees in operational roles who have access to “digital twins,” like NTT’s “digital twin” of the Tour de France. Safety and story coherence were both taken into consideration while developing this for the benefit of the fans.

Real-time data can be exchanged between a physical item and its digital duplicate. Other potential uses include surgical procedures, inventory management in warehouses, and equipment monitoring in smart factories, according to an experienced specialist.



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