Want to watch Instagram Stories without showing your view? Here’s how you can do it

Concerned about someone knowing that you have viewed their Instagram story? Do you want to sneakily check someone’s story without them knowing? Here’s how you can pull this off.

Hack 1- Using the Airplane mode

Step 1- Open Instagram.

Step 2- Wait for stories to load.

Step 3- Switch on the airplane mode of the phone and watch without showing your view.


Hack 2- Use Chrome Extension.

Step 1- Download chrome extension.

Step 2- Open Instagram extension.

Step 3- Login to your account.

Step 4- View stories without them knowing.


Hack 3- on Instagram itself

Step 1- Tap on the story which is next in line to the one you want to watch.

Step 2- Tap on that story you are to pause it.

Step 3- After pausing swipe left to view the story you actually wanted to watch slowly. While doing this you will reach the mid-point between stories from where you can sneakily view what’s in the story.


Hack 4- A third party application

Step 1- Download the repost stories app (for iOS users)/ BlindStory app (for Android users)

Step 2-Log into your Instagram and search for the person whose story you want to see and watch it without the person ever knowing.