Wealthy families in Singapore, Hong Kong into cryto investment : KPMG
Wealthy families in Singapore, Hong Kong into cryto investment : KPMG

Wealthy families in Singapore, Hong Kong into cryto investment : KPMG

As per the recent records from KPMG, the global financial advisory firm in the US, the option of cryptocurrency investment has been rising in southeast Asian countries like Singapore and Hong Kong. The company came to this analysis by evaluating about 30 officer’s families and some wealthy individuals who are part of crypto investments evaluation on the global level.


Wealthy families in Singapore, Hong Kong into cryto investment : KPMG

What is KPMG?

KPMG is one of the biggest financial accounting firms in the US. The company is also considered one of the 4 global accounting forms the world. The company has been formed after multiple acquisitions and mergers with a total strength of 2 lakh+ employees as of 2021. The company is having their operations in financial accounting, financial advisory, and management consultant operations for all its Global clients. As a part of regulatory solutions, the company also works in public stations of multiple reports throughout the year.

Why is crypto considered an investment option in the 21st century?

Cryptocurrency investments are considered a source of future transactions and a part of the global network through the use of blockchain Technology. These cryptocurrencies are considered the foundation for the deregulated transaction networks which makes them Efficient and trustworthy to all their investors.

Over the last decade, the world has noticed multiple financial crises which included global causes and misleading banking Schemes like the lemon brother fall. The investors have come up with a digital solution for all these money-draining investments in the form of cryptocurrency Investments. These investments are considered effective ways of investment as these investments have given returns of a 2000 % in the last decade.

What proportion of crypto investments comes from Singapore and Hong kong?

As per the report from KPMG and 30 family offices which they analyzed during this report, 50% of the investors invested in cryptocurrency assets, and 30% of the investors invested in the options like Bitcoins, stablecoins, and other forms of investment like decentralized Investments. The KPMG reported these all investments were in the range of $ 10 million to $500 million for all ll these cryptocurrency purchases.

The detailed analysis of these investment reporters 100% investments into Bitcoin followed by 87% investments into Ethereum and 60% investments into stable coins and 47% investments into decentralized finance tokens. Some unique 58% of all investors also invested in some cryptocurrency services like the cryptocurrency exchange platforms and the crypto development networks. As per the report, these total crypto investments by investments account for only 5% of the total digital investments of these investors.