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Wee Learning – The Learning System For Preschool Kids By TinyTapps

wee learning

Siddharth is a four-year-old bubbly child with a vivid imagination. His parents try to keep him engaged by various means – handing over their own expensive gadgets for him to play from time to time, downloading random free apps so he can be entertained at times and also his favorite Youtube videos which he watches over and over again. They still are concerned about handing their own expensive devices and data, not sure whether all of this is helping their child learn and also concerned about ads he may be exposed to in the apps as well as videos.

What if there was an educational aid which curated and brought all of the learning together in one place – one which could be personally owned by Siddharth? One he could call his own and efficiently learn from it while playing?

There are so many kids such as Siddharth who would benefit from such a system – One that not only builds curiosity, but also make education more fun and engaging.

Tinytapps, an early educational brand has recently launched an amazing and powerful learning tool called the WEE tablet. Based on a structured curriculum, the WEE Tablet provides children (Ages 2-6) with a rich variety of challenging activities for Language, Math, Science and other experiences in a stimulating environment.

To build upon the learning that takes place in their school and the child’s immediate environment, the WEE Tablet provides children with a rich variety of challenging activities for all subjects and other experiences in an interactive environment. The focus is to allow children to learn at their own pace, gain a positive image of themselves as learners and to learn through trial and error.

Excited about the launch of the Tinytapps Learning System, Director of TinyTapps, Altaf Rehmani stated “Our goal of making learning fun and interactive for young kids with an out of the box learning experience has been very well received in the markets where we have launched and showcased the product. Though still in an early stage, the market response is encouraging and we continue to refine our content into a highly engaging and interactive learning solution. Not only we have sold in tier 2 and 3 cities – we have international orders as well”

This innovative concept based tool has innumerable benefits to offer.

  • Content is curated based on a curriculum that is child-centric
  • Fun and engaging activities for overall intellectual development
  • Kids- safe content with no pop-up ads
  • Parental controls to limit time and to measure your child’s progress
  • Provides language, math, general Knowledge, science, art and music all bundled up in one tablet
  • Designed to provide curricular guidance for those working with children in pre-school settings
  • Encourages children to work independently and to develop various learning skills

This product induces uniqueness in every way as it is built around a proprietary syllabus and can be operated without WIFI.

The use of WEE Learning system within preschool children aims to make significant changes such as early development of language skills, math, science, art etc. Tinytapps is now in talks with NGOs to reach rural India very soon. The life of kids such as Siddharth will change forever and it will open up new experiences for them through interactive education at an early age through tools such as WEE Tablet. Quality early education is a building block for a bright future, helping to develop intellectual and creative capacities in preschoolers. Technology is a blessing that now aids in providing the right tools for early education.



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