customizable lock screens of iOS 16
customizable lock screens of iOS 16

What is there in customizable lock screens of iOS 16

At last, Apple has decided to provide iPhone users with lock screens which can be edited and customised. Yes, in the new iOS 16, you can adjust fonts, colour overlays and many more such features like how you do it easily in Android systems.

So far Apple was hesitant to let users customise and make changes on their lock screens as it normally ends up being shabby with unfit fonts, font sizes, colours, themes etc.

This new development from Apple also means that the tech company is now changing their focus to many new possibilities.

Apple Watches to the rescue

According to officials at Apple, the new editable iPhone lock screen in iOS 16 has its roots in Apple Watch. Face Editor in Apple Watch and the response it got from the customers inspired the company to introduce customisable lock screens for iPhones also.

The interesting fact is that both Apple Watch and iPhones use the same interface for lock screen editing. Even though the company is allowing users to edit the lock screen, the options to choose from for fonts, colour pallets etc are limited. This is the same situation in Apple Watch, as there are very limited editable features and very limited options to pick from.


Apple is also adding free slots for widgets in the new iOS 16 lock screen, and this feature is borrowed from the Apple Watch interface itself. Reportedly, there is going to be space for both small widgets and big widgets below the clock. Space for either 4 small widgets or 2 large widgets can be expected in the new customisable lock screen.

The main point to note here is that the system, after analysing your images and necessary needs, provides you with a few options for effects and from that, you can pick the one you feel is appropriate for your image. While in one-way apple is trying to make the process of setting images as lock screen quicker, at the same time is ensuring that not all aesthetic options are given to you which might ruin the entire design of the lock screen.

Along with the images, users can now customise fonts of date and time and add several lock screen widgets such as temperature, activity rings and calendar.

In iOS 16, you can also have separate wallpapers styled for different focus modes.

New iOS 16 is expected to be launched in September 2022.  Public Beta is yes not available and will be released soon after developers’ tests.