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WhatsApp announces various new privacy features
These include leaving groups silently, blocking screenshots, and many more

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WhatsApp announces various new privacy features this week.
Source: The Economic Times

This week, messaging app WhatsApp made an announcement stating a range of new privacy additions to its platform which would soon come for the users. Reportedly, these updates would incorporate the provision for users to conceal the status showing them as ‘Online.’ Along with it, enable them to leave groups quietly without anyone knowing, and block anyone from taking screenshots of some messages.

The announcements of these awaited updates on the messaging app were officially made on Tuesday. On August 9, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and chief executive officer of the parent company of WhatsApp, Meta Platforms Inc announced the features. Clearly, these upcoming features on the app would fulfil a range of changes that users were often seen to demand.

The updates set to come to on WhatsApp Messenger:

One of the updates the platform is bringing is offering users the awaited choice of whether and with who they want to showcase their ‘Online’ status. Though this status can be helpful if one wants their circle to be aware if they are online on the site or not, it can be rather unwanted in case they would rather prefer using the messenger in their own privacy.

In a few week, every user of the app would gain the option to conceal their active status showing that they are using the app. Turns out, they would now have the ability to even manage as to who their active indicator is visible to. They would be able to select between everyone, only their contacts or no one at all. Clearly, this is identical to how they can manage their read receipts or about feature, etc.

Along with this, user would soon lose the ability to take quick screenshots of a ‘view once’ text in case the sender selects the option to not let anyone do so. Clearly, this would be a useful provision to the ‘View Once’ option, that mainly allows people to send media which would not leave any trace on the app. All this while, the ability to screenshot of these texts defeated its purpose. The company stated how the roll out of this would come as soon as its test is over.

Additionally, another feature is set to kick in where anyone would now be able to leave they are in without anyone getting to know of it. Users would now be able to avert unnecessary attention drawn to them while exiting groups. However, admins of a group they want to exit would get the notification.