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Whatsapp might ask you to delete your account if you disagree to their new terms

According to recent reports, Whatsapp might ask you to delete your account if you don’t agree to their new terms and conditions. These new terms and conditions will be active from February 2021, and it will be mandatory for users to accept them. Why do I say mandatory? This is because if someone doesn’t, then they might lose access to their Whatsapp account.

More about the new policies of Whatsapp


Image Source: WABetainfo

A screenshot of the terms and conditions popped up, showing that there are two options provided to the users. Either they can agree to these new privacy policies, or they can delete their account. This report was also confirmed by the app itself. The screenshot shared by WABetaInfo had information showing what changes might be made to the way Whatsapp processes user data.

The disclaimer of the new policies strictly mentioned that “After this date, you’ll need to accept the new terms to continue using WhatsApp, or you can always delete your account.WABetaInfo also said that the new terms and conditions would be announced in a few weeks.

Why thoughts on the new terms and conditions?

Every app or social media app, in general, asks users for their consent to their user agreement before proceeding. But the fact is that Whatsapp is outrightly asking their old users to delete their account if they are not okay with the new user agreement. Though it makes sense, the way of putting it is not something I liked. Things will get clearer when we actually get to know what changes Whatsapp has brought regarding their new terms and conditions.

So, do agree to the new terms and conditions if you want to keep using Whatsapp. I am also very interested to know what you guys think about the disclaimer that surfaced? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like it and share it with your friends.

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