Why Everyone Will Be An Entrepreneur By 2030?

why everyone will be an entrepreneur by 2030

Why will everyone have to become entrepreneurs?

Everyone? Everyone must become an entrepreneur!

The marketplace does not care about you, your business, your industry. Your career will probably be disrupted with the steady improvement in technology. If you are going to join a company, then it is silly to expect that you are set for life.

I guess becoming an entrepreneur is the only way to survive all the uncertainty in the workplace. Robots cannot replace humans in jobs that involve critical thinking and creativity.

Glimpse of 2030 look like

Your company will become stagnant if you stop moving forward, stagnation equates to eventual death. In the marketplace, companies clinging to outdated business practices and eventually run into major problems.

According to futurist billions of jobs will disappear by 2030 due to changing technologies. Here is a glimpse how businesses will be run in 2030:

Cloud Based – By 2030 everything will be cloud-based. New technologies are coming out with faster speed.

Automated – Many companies already leading the way with the self-driving car but automation will be very different in 2030.

Human Curation – The more options you have, the more overwhelmed you are by choices. Human curation will come back into a trend in 2030.

Targeted – Advertisers will know more about you, the product you like and the improvement needed. So all thanks to algorithms and data, advertising will become more targeted to consumers needs.

How will the world replace employees with entrepreneurs by 2030?

It’s not only the start-ups, small businesses or Google who do not want traditional employees, but the entire job market also does not want them.

If they do not want employees, who they want then?

Entrepreneurs! In the business world, entrepreneurship is more welcome than ever before because the entrepreneurial work is popular now.

But still, one question stuck up in mind. What happened to the traditional employees?

Technological unemployment! If you not heard of the phrase, brace yourself. Technology is automating jobs. No wonder robots are catching on. The traditional way where employees who act like a robot is becoming obsolete. It is estimated that by 2030 robots will perform.

But one factor is lacking in the robots, and that is the human factor which sets apart entrepreneurs. Robots can replace employees but not the entrepreneurs.

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Let’s take a ride to see what happens next time when you look for traditional jobs in future.

Most Jobs

So many jobs would go away in the near future. It is a wakeup call that the battle ahead will be taking place at their doorstep. Consultants, freelancers and independent contractors cost 30% less than typical employees since they receive benefits and payment is project based.

Specialised Jobs

With technology being the backbone of the businesses, many adopting outsourcing the specialised jobs to other nations who charge less for the same work. Outsourcing is the fast and flexible way to handle specialised jobs. Outsource the technology-driven jobs make ease in the upgraded technology future.

Manual Jobs

According to a report, many jobs are at risk of being taken over by robotics by 2030. The manual jobs will be replaced by robots and machines at the human level. Robots will perform most manual jobs in the near future. But that automation won’t result in rocketing unemployment.

Prestigious tech Jobs

There is a crazy world out there of talent acquisition. The tech companies are buying the startups with innovative products and apps. The big prestigious tech companies like Google, Facebook are on a shopping spree. They are the acqui-hires who buy companies to get excellent people.

Creative Jobs

Those who are more creative than others but on a small scale are likely to become sidepreneurs. These sidepreneurs are working on their own projects either within a company or as an individual.

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