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Why Fortnite Isn’t On Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming Service

Why Fortnite Isn’t On Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming Service


Epic Game has prevented Fortnite from appearing on Microsoft’s cloud gaming service. Epic Games has barred Fortnite from going public as part of its case against Apple. As part of that, it is holding it back until a new version is announced, and that is not good for the game, or for its fans, as it is a major competitor to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The lawsuit is just one of the reasons Epic doesn’t like the idea of making Fortnite playable on Microsoft’s xCloud service. Epic’s case against Apple has revealed that it did not place Fortnite on Microsoft’s cloud gaming service because the company sees it as a competitor.

This is probably a major reason why Epic preferred Nvidia to Microsoft in hosting Fortnite in the cloud. Microsoft is a direct competitor of NVIDIA And that’s probably one of the main reasons it prefers Nvidia.

Microsoft had its own battles with Apple when it tried to get an app for its cloud gaming service for its Xbox One, but Apple refused. In a separate epic battle, Microsoft also waged a legal battle against Apple over its ability to stream games. Apple justified the move by saying that the cloud gaming service offers so many games that it cannot verify them individually.

Microsoft has allowed rivals on the Xbox but does not allow them on its own cloud gaming service. Microsoft has admitted rivals competing with the PlayStation 4 cloud on both Microsoft’s Xbox One and Microsoft’s own Xbox Cloud service.

As the longer version of the name suggests, cloud gaming is not free, although it is passed on as a subscription service. This brings us to Apple, which has its own cloud gaming service, the Apple Cloud. There is a reason, by the way, why Apple is not happy that someone else runs their own App Store and allows streaming services. Apple is the only all-purpose platform that denies consumers access to the full range of gaming options available on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Separately, Microsoft allows Xbox 360 games to support online games, which makes it possible to be backward compatible on the Xbox One. You can play cloud games from the app’s wishlist and even download the game to Xbox One and Windows PC.

Microsoft’s xCloud has the advantage of being able to overcome the technical challenges that have hampered services such as Google Stadia and PS to date, and provide a mix of games that players want. Although it obviously doesn’t offer the ability to play everywhere and stream wars from anywhere in the world (which Apple already allows), it’s something we’ve been thinking about for a while.



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